Indoor Garden Kit - iRSE Hydroponics LED Growing System

Indoor Garden Kit - iRSE Hydroponics LED Growing System

Indoor Garden Kit

Includes an LED growing light, two planting pots, and is self-watering. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and many more questions are answered on the product page.
Raised Garden Bed

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•  Quick to set up and easy-to-use. You'll be able to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers without having to mess with potting soil.

•  The LED growing light has multiple modes and a timer. Timer: 16 hours on, 8 hours off. Light modes: On always, off always, white (lamp) light, and pink (growing) light.

•  Included with the Indoor Garden Kit are organic Romaine lettuce seeds, vermiculite planting material, and organic fertilizer. So you'll be able to begin planting vegetables right out of the box. Which is perfect for the testing the garden kit and getting used to it before growing other plants.

•  This garden kit is also suited for those who are busy all day and need an easier way to grow a small 'garden' indoors without needing to tend to it as often. The system beeps when it needs more water in the main tub or if the light needs adjustment at its base.

•  Also included are two removable planting pots, two covers for the pots, water container, and the power adapter.

•  At any time you can also (carefully) transplant the plants you're growing if they need more space or in the warmer months

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