April 15, 2018

Rest in Peace, Art Bell - The End of an Era

April 15, 2018 0
Rest in Peace, Art Bell - The End of an Era
I write this as I'm listening to a streaming playing a classic Halloween Ghost to Ghost AM episode from 2003. The first time I heard Art Bell on the radio was in the mid-90s on WHAM in Rochester, New York. His show was the perfect show, for the perfect time, in an era where the paranormal was a little more mainstream and yet still on the fringes.

Back then, the young person that I was, my ability of suspension of disbelief was much easier than now. The topics were fascinating and Art was the perfect voice. Between The X-Files, all of the paranormal shows on TV, the '97 UFO over Phoenix, Heaven's Gate, the landing of the Mars Pathfinder, Hale-Bopp, and the beginning rise of the internet, it was a great time. Not as much in a nostalgia sense as it just being a simpler time in comparison to now. A different time when we were a different people and a somewhat different nation.

Back then, Art Bell's site was my go to. A stop for the latest paranormal, astronomy, and scientific news and similar diverse-yet-easily-blended topics. The internet too was simpler back then. I'd spend days during summer vacation listening for as long as I could to Art Bell's shows and keeping the radio on all night. Complete with the bumper music that he would play that would set the environment for the show. The next morning, i'd catch up on what I missed by visiting his website. I still even remember browsing the VR site for the Mars Pathfinder and keeping up with the news regularly way back in 1997 through his site's links.

Art Bell was a definite influence and a great figure that introduced many of us to a whole different world through his show. These days, my belief in as much of the paranormal isn't the same as it once was. But, as it was in the 90s, as the teenager that I was it was a great source that exposed me to ideas and knowledge that I would have not otherwise known about. 1997 was that year. The year that I also first heard of Michio Kaku. Art Bell was central to the outreach of knowledge to many young people and adults alike back then.

It was an era that has lost its reach now. Paranormal radio is nowhere near what it once was. A combination of repetitive voices, the quicker reach of information, and the growing loss of imaginative thought in our society all play a role. As do many other factors. As I said, Art Bell's radio show in the 90s was the perfect show for the perfect time. The cultural atmosphere was just right and the timing was perfect. There will not ever be anyone that will replace him nor those times.

The passing of Art Bell is a true end of an era and that's not just a figure of speech. It's the full truth. His loss is a massive loss for paranormal radio and paranormal 'infotainment'. As people are posting about him on Twitter and Facebook on social media and sharing their memories of listening to his show. Though he was much more than just a radio voice to millions. He felt like someone closer to a friend or a good neighbor through those airwaves.

He will be greatly missed.

Art Bell Takes His Final Ride, R.I.P.

Another Drone Video

March 22, 2018

Zuckerberg: Maybe tech should face some regulations | TheHill

March 22, 2018
Zuckerberg: Maybe tech should face some regulations | TheHill
Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that he’s open to having his company be regulated.
Sure, social media and tech companies should face regulations involving political ads and advertising 'content' created by Political Action Committees. The truth to why this is being pushed now has less to do with regulation to create increasing transparency.

No, it is more about political motivations and, to put it more clearly, dis-empowerment of certain social, political views and demographics in this country. Not from Zuckerberg himself, but from those putting pressure on Facebook and other 'social media' websites to increase politicians' power over free (in terms of free speech) mediums. Deeper down, it is as much about political influence in terms of ads as it is about curbing political expression by notable figures on social media. We've all seen it on YouTube, for example, in how YouTubers on both the left and right have lost advertising revenue and some even videos or even their accounts.

This isn't Washington trying to have their policies catch up to the digital world. No, this is about them slowing down the progression of freedom on the internet. It's mostly about decreasing the influence that ordinary people have and giving preference to (for the lack of a better term) Authorized™ Entertainment Media Personalities. You cannot control the thoughts of ideas of those beholden to no one as opposed to those whose multi-million careers and money flow could dry up overnight if they express the wrong social view.

Just something to think about.

Zuckerberg: Maybe tech should face some regulations | TheHill

Mars rover update: March 21, 2018 | Behind The Black

March 22, 2018
Mars rover update: March 21, 2018 | Behind The Black
English: NASA's next Mars rover, Curiosity, dr...
English: NASA's next Mars rover, Curiosity, drives up a ramp during a test at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Polski: Łazik "Curiosity", agencji kosmicznej NASA, wjeżdża na rampę podczas testów zawieszenia w JPL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Curiosity continues its exploration of Vera Rubin Ridge, including several drilling attempts. Opportunity is halfway down Perseverance Valley.
The Vera Rubin Ridge on Mars is named after Vera Florence Cooper Rubin whose observations of galaxies and stars ultimately provided evidence of the existence of dark matter. She was an astronomer in a career that spanned over multiple titles and multiple colleges, universities, and institutes from 1955 right up until her passing on December 25, 2015.

Read the detailed post at Mars rover update: March 21, 2018 | Behind The Black

March 10, 2018

Parts of San Francisco are sinking faster than the sea is rising | New Scientist

March 10, 2018
Parts of San Francisco are sinking faster than the sea is rising | New Scientist

Rising seas aren’t the only problem facing low-lying coastal areas. Many of these areas are also sinking, vastly increasing the risk of flooding. 
English: The marshes next to Foster City, Cali...
English: The marshes next to Foster City, California, with its name carved into them for the viewing pleasure of those on flights landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According the the article at New Scientist, specific areas of the San Francisco Bay Area are sinking at a rate of up 10mm per year.

Areas which include the San Francisco International Airport, the artificial island Treasure Island, and Foster City. Foster City was built upon a marsh and former landfill off San Francisco Bay. So it shouldn't be that much of a surprise why Foster City is sinking. Similarly, much of the San Francisco International Airport was also built on wetlands. Treasure Island shares similarities to Foster City since it was also created from a former landfill. These areas in and around San Francisco are sinking quicker than sea levels are rising.

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February 27, 2018

Teen suicide epidemic: More students have taken their own lives in NE Ohio than anywhere in country

February 27, 2018
Teen suicide epidemic: More students have taken their own lives in NE Ohio than anywhere in country
Teen suicide epidemic: More students have taken their own lives in NE Ohio than anywhere in country 

A tragic topic has dominated our headlines recently: More students
have taken their own lives in Northeast Ohio than in any other community
in America.

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among young people and every single one is preventable.
watch the video below

Young people in Northeast Ohio shouldn't have to resort to taking their own lives. Sadly, it is not just there where suicide rates are rising. It is all across this nation where the suicide rates of the youth and adults alike are rising.

The reality is that this society is diseased. This society is evil. This society itself, its ways, is what is driving the increase in suicides.

Sure, you can say that social media plays a role. It does. But the problem is the culture of this nation itself. Social media only provides a path for evil to spread its emptiness. This nation's culture is an abyss and it is providing NOTHING for young people and adults alike. Then there are the "treatments" for people feeling depressed, suicidal, or 'feeling down'. The treatments tend to always fall back on pharmaceuticals. Anyone who has paid attention over the past few decades knows about this one and, like everything else negative, it all comes back to profits.

Then there are people that like to say that this 'world', more specifically this society, isn't a dead end. Including a speaker in the video above. In many ways...yes, it is. It is when you, more or less, force people to go along with this society's corruption. So much so that they're unable to see any other path in life. The future feels like nothing to them. They are seeing a perspective of the future being futureless in the worthless, yes worthless, ways of this society. It is why they feel lost. They don't feel free.

They're told that there is hope but they're not shown any brighter light. The American Dream has died. They are just told that the 'struggle' is what allows them to see hope. But what is hope? Hope in a damned society where so much is artificial. Including social interaction.  Even face-to-face interaction. "Hope" itself is to become just another materialist. You wonder why these people feel hopeless? Especially when the only hope they're given is are hardly any better than words written on motivational posters and feel-good pamphlets.

As the Russell Means quote goes, "The United States is a fake country that has no culture."

The way of this nation has always been to strip away true culture and replace it with the false. This "culture" being centered around, for example, shallow entertainment where characters on TV and media, entertainment personalities are passed off as more real and more important than what's around you. Now with the artificiality seeping more deeply into the internet, especially into social media, how in the f*ck are people supposed to feel?  When you realize that so many people around you are go-alongs, materialists and resemble something closer to zombies, how can many not feel that the future is empty?

These people, suicidal people, self-harmers, and those that are depressed, they have hopes, dreams, needs and want to live a full life. They don't want to die. Yet this society is providing them nothing. They have not ever been given the breathing room to live. This nation is providing them with the things that they don't need. Everything provided to them, of materialistic value, is unfulfilling. It is an atrocity that is equal to the evil of every other atrocity committed in this nation's history. And it is just as intentional.

The society that we were thrown into, by birth, is not our society. It is not our place. This is not our nation. This is not the United States of America. Not anymore. That dream was sold and replaced with the artificial long before most of us were born. Read the writing that's on the wall. This society is best left to its own ruin. It is up to you to turn your face, your life, the ways that you live life towards something larger than this world.

Faith requires the shedding of your ego and believing wholeheartedly in goodness and being good. To be an example in this world, to distance yourself from its ways, and to permit yourself to have faith in a power larger than yourself. You are not a being of this world. You are a spiritual being. There is a better way in this world. I won't preach to you because it is up to you to seek it out. In KiNDness. This society doesn't have to feel like a prison. Don't feel bad for not finding a place in a broken society. But don't beat yourself up over it.

Follow your nature of goodness, KiNDness, and don't allow this world to tear you down. Seek out those like yourself instead of dulling yourself out to become like every other soul-less being out there. There are still good people out there, everywhere. Seek them out and pull away from the corrupt culture of this nation.