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Step back in time with the 1981 Creek Nation Festival, a cherished event that brought together communities to honor heritage and camaraderie. Watch to learn about the historic celebration, highlighting the activities and spirit that made it truly special.

In 1981, the Creek Nation Festival in Henryetta, Oklahoma, was a beacon of cultural pride, rooted in the humble beginnings of a rodeo committee. This annual gathering evolved into a longer event, drawing participants from across the nation to partake in various festivities.

From parades showcasing Native American cultures to friendly competitions in sports like horseshoe pitching and softball, the festival offered something for everyone. The Indian rodeo, a highlight of the event, captivated audiences with thrilling displays of skill and talent.

Beyond the excitement of the activities, the festival served as a unifying force, fostering a sense of community among attendees. Families came together to celebrate heritage, forge new friendships, and create lasting memories against the backdrop of cultural celebration.

As the sun set on the Creek Nation Festival, participants departed with cherished experiences and strengthened connections. The legacy of the festival has inspired reverence for tradition and unity among Native American communities ever since. The festival is interchangeably called the Creek Festival and the Creek Nation or Muscogee Nation Festival.

People mentioned:

Steve Wilson: Creek Nation Festival Coordinator.

Chief Richard Larney: Police Chief of Henryetta, Oklahoma and a Creek Nation council member. He serves as the parade marshal.

Princess Leslie Ann Baricello: 1981 Creek Nation Princess.

Queen Denson: 1981 Creek Nation Rodeo Queen.

Chief Tom Palmer: Chief of the Seminole Nation.

Mary Ann Harshaw: 1981 Miss Cherokee.

Nancy Sudol: Miss Indian Oklahoma.

Parisa Blaine: 1980-1981 Choctaw Nation Princess.

Francine Allen: 1980-1981 Chickasaw Nation Princess.

Randy Lombard: Winner of the 1981 Creek Nation Festival Golf Tournament.

Moni Daniels: Achieved a hole-in-one during the Saturday afternoon of the festival.

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