Cedar Hollow Drive Bowling Green, Kentucky - Interesting Google Street View Sights

Bowling Green, Kentucky is a city that most of us have heard of. Located in South Central Kentucky, it's the location of numerous businesses, Western Kentucky University, and many natural attractions. Which includes the Lost River Cave. Though i'm talking about none of that here.

Instead, i'm talking about something random that i found on Google Street View when browsing around. On Cedar Hollow Drive, and in location with still-in-development 'cookie cutter' housing, i found this driveway with a personalized message. A message that is likely meant for the family that lives there, by another family member, and not meant for passersby. Though, those who pass by the location could very well feel uplifted by the message. I could be wrong but it looks like it's permanently "bleached" into the concrete driveway. Anyways, here's the Street View image. I've shared it here just for interest's sake.

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