Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce - A Unique Evergreen Tree

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Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce - A Unique Evergreen Tree

Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce

If you're interested in adding to the look of your yard, with minimal effort, then a Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce is what you're looking for.

Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees are excellent for patios. They're great for anywhere in your yard. Especially where you'd enjoy having a decorative tree with a spiral shape. Which is especially great for those who enjoy decorating their yard during Christmas. When needed, trimming back new growth will help the tree keep its unique spiral shape. All around, the tree is excellent for any yard where you want decorative, accent or tree garden friendly trees.

Most of the time your Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree will not need watering. It will need watering during times of drought though. The tree grows best in a well-drained, but not dry, soil. When grown as a shrub they will require watering more often up to two or a few times per week depending on the weather and temperature.

As for fertilizing, your tree(s) should be fertilized with a fertilizer like Miracle Gro every three weeks between April and August. Dwarf Alberta Spruces will typically grow between five and seven feet in height and have a spread of two to three feet. Due to its size, they can also be grown in a container of appropriate size that will have room for its roots at maturity.

Its low height makes it also suitable for growing in areas of your yard where other trees would be too close to power lines. In good soil and under other ideal conditions, your Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree can live for at least fifty years and be enjoyable for generations of your family or any future property owners.

Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce Winter Care

The Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a popular ornamental tree that is commonly grown for its unique shape and texture. It is a hardy evergreen tree that can withstand cold temperatures and harsh winter conditions. However, proper care is still necessary to ensure that the tree survives and remains healthy during the winter season.

Here are some tips for winter care of Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce:

Watering: Make sure the tree is well-watered before the ground freezes. This will help it retain moisture during the winter months. However, avoid overwatering as this can cause the roots to rot.

Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around the base of the tree. This will help to insulate the roots and protect them from freezing temperatures.

Protection from wind and snow: The tree's branches are susceptible to damage from heavy snow or strong winds. To protect it, wrap the tree in burlap or a protective cover.

Avoid using de-icing salt: Salt can be harmful to the tree, so avoid using de-icing salt near the tree. If possible, use sand instead.

Pruning: Prune the tree in the fall to remove any dead or damaged branches. This will help to promote new growth in the spring.

By following these tips, you can help your Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce survive and thrive during the winter months.

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A Vehicleless Town in North Carolina and Wolf Conservation at the El Paso Zoo

Thursday, February 11, 2021 0
A Vehicleless Town in North Carolina and Wolf Conservation at the El Paso Zoo

A North Carolina town where the main mode of transportation isn't cars, but horses
The small town of Love Valley in North Carolina is a tourist spot that only permits horses and horse carriages within the town limits. The "town" was founded in the 1960s with the idea in mind of providing a place where people could take a trip back into history. The town consists of 2,000 acres open to horse riding, camping and other attractions and events.


Sitting in the foothills of the Brushy Mountains in NC, this place is popular for horse lovers. All guests need to leave their cars in the designated parking sports. Upon entering, they can only ride carriages and horses downtown.


Mexican Gray Wolves sent from the Phoenix Zoo to the El Paso Zoo to help preserve their species

Two adults wolves and three wolf pups were sent to the zoo for the purpose of future breeding and increasing genetic diversity amongst the wolves.

The five wolves transferred to Texas were placed in quarantine at the El Paso Zoo until the first week of February. Animal curator John Kiseda said he was hopeful they will have adjusted to their surroundings by the time the zoo reopens following a pandemic closure.

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