Matt Kibbe: On the Road to the RNC. A 'Wake' for the Republican Party?

Matt Kibbe, of Conservative Review, gives his views on the Republican National Convention. He feels that this election's convention for Republicans feels less united and more like a 'wake'. Kibbe asks, "Could it be that the Republican Party is facing a mortal experience?"

The answer is, "Yes."

Be sure to watch the rest of his RNC videos this week.

If Donald Trump loses this year, under the environment of division being played up by some Republicans, then we will be seeing the end of the Republican Party. At the very least, in terms of being influential. It's like the establishment Republicans would rather undermine and burn down their party instead of uniting behind the current candidate.

If they don't want to make peace with the current candidate, fine. If they want to falsely claim that Trump is tearing the party apart, go ahead. Even though it is they, these establishment types, who are creating this divide and trying to make gains off of it. If we're seeing the death of the Republican party, so be it. It would have been a great run but less of us will miss the party than they think.

While i have my leanings towards the Republican party, my loyalty was never to you. Now that you're showing your true face it's even clearer that your loyalty was never with any of us either. It was always about the DC political environment first, wasn't it? The loss, none of this, will be something that you'll be able to pin on Trump and much less on any of his supporters. We owe you nothing and, after all this, the goodbye will be a good riddance (if it were to occur).

Trump isn't some idol to us, but he is a message to you. A message that you're not understanding the words of all that well. One that you're refusing to analyze. Instead, you go for the easiest, unintelligent definition of him that much of the left also has. Your simple-mindedness only has you seeing him as a "bigot", "racist", and/or a "disaster" to try and convince yourselves that you're right. When, in fact, you're the disaster revealing itself. It is you, this "establishment", that has created this fracture after the loss in 2012 with Romney. You've given free rent to the leftists and let them get into your heads. Now many of you, in the GOP, are willing to harm the future effectiveness of the Republican party. That is, instead of at least giving support to the GOP candidate. You completely refuse to even acknowledge any of the positives that he has.

If he loses, it'll be an, "oh well" for most of us and a shrug of our shoulders. Yet, for the Republican party, it's going to be an, "Oh shit!"
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