Learn about Genesee County, NY History by Visiting These Museums

Holland Land Office- Batavia NY (1)
Genesee County, situated in Western New York, has a long, rich history. Genesee County was founded in 1802 and got its name from the Seneca word for "The Beautiful Valley", Gen-nis'-hee-yo. Currently, there are twelve main museums in the county that provide insight into the history of the towns that they're in. You'll not only learn a lot of local history but you'll also feel a connection to it, through their exhibits.

So whenever you're in the area, definitely visit any or all of these museums.

Alabama Museum

Was originally a one-room school house. In the museum you'll find history about local industry, past notable citizens, and even historic items such as posters and even a horse buggy.

Alexander Museum

Plenty of old technology can be found in this museum, including a historic phone, a typewriter, and record players. Also, you'll find interesting tools, from the 1800s, that many may not even recognize.

Bergen Museum

The Bergen Museum is located inside what used to be a livery stable. You'll find works depicting local scenes, buildings, and even one of a classroom from the past. Many individual items are displayed for viewing to learn more about the local history.

Byron Museum

Located inside an old church, you'll find a lot of historic clothing and items on display. Displays related to the history of the local high school and local farming can also be found in this museum.

Elba Museum

This museums consists of three buildings and plenty to see. You'll learn the history of the local school, see how people used to live before any modern technology, and how farming was done in the 1800s.

Historic LeRoy House, Jell-O Gallery

These are two separate and distinct museums in LeRoy. The Jell-O Gallery, given its name, is where you can learn about the Jell-O brand's history, influence on American culture, and its beginnings. They also have a gift shop.

The Historic LeRoy House is a home that was built in 1822 and now houses many historic items. Also featured are items related to Jacob Leroy, who lived in the home in the 1800s. There's also an exhibit for the "father of the stringless bean", Calvin Keeney.

Holland Land Office Museum

This museum provides plenty of history about Genesee County and Western New York in general. There are also many historic items on display, including documents.

Oakfield Historical Museum

Learn about the local industry of gypsum mining, including photographs of operations and equipment. The museum also has a sizable collection of arrowheads found in the Oakfield area.

Pembroke Museum

Provides information on the history of the local post office and fire department. Including items from the past of these two facilities. Military history is also covered with military items on display.

Stafford Museum of History

One of the newer museums, featuring many items of historic importance and origin. Including excavated pottery that was created before, during, and after the times that settlers were moving into the area. Also has a gift shop.

Tonawanda Indian Reservation Historical Society

Features many interesting photographs and illustrations of the local history and that of the Tonawanda Indian Reservation. Including the history of the Seven Nations.

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