The Pine Creek Rail Trail, Pennsylvania's Best Hiking and Biking Trail

The Pine Creek Rail Trail, Pennsylvania's Best Hiking and Biking Trail

Pine Creek Rail Trail
One of Pennsylvania's best trails, offering an escape into nature with its beautiful natural sights.

Pennsylvania's Pine Creek Rail Trail offers its visitors plenty trail length to walk along. Whether you just want to talk a short walk along the beautiful trail or travel along all 61 miles on a bike, the Pine Creek Trail is worth the visit. Along the trail you'll be able to experience the greatness of the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania" and all of its sights. You'll find campgrounds, rest stations, natural sights, including moderate waterfalls and rock formations, and small towns along the trail. The majority of the trail is alongside Pine Creek. Also, since the trail goes through forest land you'll likely spot a lot of wildlife from large to small. Including eagles, deer, beavers, turkeys and plenty of other wildlife.

The trail, like many trails in Pennsylvania (and given its name), was where a railroad line went existed. Beginning in 1883, the trains that passed through would provide timber and supplies to sawmills operating in towns along the gorge. Northward, coal was carried via this rail to New York State. Surprisingly, Pine Creek's rail was active for over a hundred years, with the last freight train going through the area in October of 1988.

Some other facts about the Pine Creek Rail Trail:

Before the rail was put in, and while still used by the Iroquois, the Pine Creek trail was actually a path used by them to move their forces to carry out raids further south. Before they were displaced by the War of 1812, small groups of Native Americans still lived in the area of Pine Creek Gorge.

All attempts to make the trail into a wagon road, long before the railroad, failed since the path was too rough for wagons to travel along.

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