Katys Church - The Real Story - Muncy, Pennsylvania

Katys Church - The Real Story - Muncy, Pennsylvania

"Katys Church was built on Vandine property in the late 1800's by German immigrants who had relocated to the area. Because the closest Lutheran church was 15 miles away - and horse and buggy were the primary mode of transportation - Widow Catherine Vandine's church was well received. She herself attended services there until her passing at 87 years old. Several years later, her grandson granted possession of the church to its board members." - Credit: May Shetler and Cris Michaels

Source, read the rest at https://web.archive.org/web/20170518135904/http://outhousesoutandabout.com/

Facts about Katys Church (formerly Immanuel Lutheran Church) aka VanDine Church:

The stories about Katy and the haunting are just that.. Stories

The church was built in the late 1800s by German immigrants.
Catherine (Poust) Vandine attended services at the church until her passing at 87 years old, in 1899.
The church closed in 1969 but in recent years has been regularly holding services and other events.


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