Legacy of the Mound Builders - Short Documentary

Legacy of the Mound Builders - Short Documentary

This 17-minute documentary was filmed in Ohio and covers the subject of the mounds located in the Ohio River Valley. Mounds which were built up by the Hopewell culture from around 200 BC until 500 AD. The Hopewell were preceded by the Adena culture. (Cultures that succeeded the Hopewell)

Thousands of mounds were built between these two cultures. Sadly, many of which have been damaged or destroyed due to carelessness while researching them, damaged for the use as materials for building foundations for homes, and in 2009, damaged to provide for fill for Sam's Club in Oxford, Alabama.

The last records of these mounds being built were in the 1600s.

Watch: The Legacy of the Mound Builders

Why and How did Native Americans Build Mounds

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