August 2017

Arches National Park - Quick Details about the Park

Thursday, August 24, 2017
Arches National Park - Quick Details about the Park
Arches National Park, which is not far from Moab, Utah is home of numerous stone arches. The official count of arches is usually quoted at 1,500 but there are more than that number of arches in the park. In addition to the arches there are many interesting rock formations and beautiful views of the La Sal Mountains. For hikers there are around 42 trails that range from easy to hard. The majority of these trails are in the easy to moderate range though.
Arches National Park Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch

Of all the arches, Delicate Arch is be the most frequented by trail. It's a spectacular experience just seeing its size up close but, being a moderate hike with a steep section, you will want to be prepared and also bring plenty of water depending on when you visit (such as during warm months).  You should also know that getting a picture of the arch on it own is unlikely, without other visitors being in your photos, during the busy months. The least busy months at the park usually start in November and continue until February. March through October being their busiest months.

One of the most popular campgrounds in the Arches National Park is the Devils Garden Campground. Numerous other campgrounds are also available all around the area of the park and in the Moab area. Before arriving, it is best to plan ahead on where you're going to camp as the Devils Garden Campground can fill up quickly with the other campgrounds filling up by the afternoon hours (around 3 PM).

If you need more information, including current information and news, visit the official page for Arches National Park and especially the Plan Your Visit section. Regular updates about the park on Facebook

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