July 2017

Tradescantia Pallida - Purple Heart Flower

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Tradescantia Pallida - Purple Heart Flower
Tradescantia Pallida
Tradescantia Pallida
By SKsiddhartthan (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Tradescantia pallida, otherwise known as Purple Heart (more) and various other names, is a perennial flower that makes for an excellent and attractive ground cover. The plant can be grown indoors and when grown outdoors it can handle full sun to partial shade. Growing zones for the flower are in the ranges of 8A to 11 and the plant is also drought tolerant. In zones 10-11 is where the flowers tend to bloom during the winter.

As for other characteristics, the blooms of the flower can be white, pink, or purple and are known to bloom all year in warmer regions. They can also withstand light to medium frosts, with a temporary die-off, as the roots will survive. To protect the flowers you can use a mulch to protect the roots and plants. Which will increase the chances that the plant will sprout. The most important thing to know about Tradescantia pallida is that it can be invasive and needs to be well-maintained if you choose to grow it.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017
I sat there, on the edge of the shoreline, not much after six in the evening. Most of my own thoughts wandered and floated around me, as they have done often these days, as my focus was on the small waves gently colliding with the sand. Looking up, in the distance, was a far-off rainstorm as the rest of the sky was only partly cloudy. The rain cloud stood out in contrast to the rest of the sky beyond it. Then there was the southernly breeze, a few whispers quieter than the waves themselves.

I sat near everyone, amongst myself, as i watched the boats move across the lake in silence. The chatter of the others still muted by the sound of the lake's waves. We were all here for a temporary getaway on these summer days. Each and every one of us were in our own worlds during select moments. The space in which our thoughts are off in another world, another universe in this reality. Places we only know and the descriptions that we give are only seen in a different appearance in the listener's own mind. A difference in appearance as from what you saw, the world that you were in during those moments. In a way, it is our minds, our souls, our spirits that are creating a reality around us. A reality in terms of our interpretation, that we are creating this world and guiding things in very small ways.

AmethystIt was in that, when we spoke, the breeze felt like it followed the pattern of conversation between all the beach goers in that early evening. Which there were only a dozen or so of us. Seven being of myself and family. As they spoke, it was like the breeze itself was transferring far more than atoms, molecules, and the like. It was carrying out thoughts. Amongst that was the fresh scent of the water, the distant rain in the air, and the cookout someone was having somewhere nearby. We were all here to take all of this in. Away from televisions, computers, and yes, even portable devices. We felt the sand beneath our beach towels and the grass as we walked to the concession stand. In this place, time did seem to slow down for those few hours. Each and every soul with a different perspective and a different visual, mental, and spiritual interpretation of memories being made.

You settle into the momentary peace and the environment begin to more deeply settle within you. For these moments, you're feeling a bit of rest after these months of emotions. A grief, the new experience of loss you've never felt prior, that reached further within your soul and spirit than anything. You can finally rest for awhile but yeah, you still think of them.

And a clarity hits me like a revelation; a voice. Something; a sense everywhere and beyond. There in the light of the lowering sun, the environment around you still the same, peace, and an Amethyst chip, that you brought along, is in your hand. It was her birthstone. You dig a small hole, about a foot down, and bury one in her memory. You've got a bulk amount of them with a thought to go with each and everyone one. And a promise to bury them at every special place you visit, fully in her memory. Great places that you know she would've enjoyed visiting if she were still here. When they're not here to make new memories, and have new experiences, remember that we do become an extension of them. A heart, pure souls, have no limit. And sometimes it takes the unexpected for us to realize this. Even if it is a deep tragedy, and deep grief for someone that we never knew, to shake us awake. That we are alive forever and we listen as much with our hearts, spirits, and souls as much as we do with our ears. The rest just takes more practice or an awakening. Within that, beyond the worldly, is where the vastness of knowledge exists. Vast beyond all.

In memory of Katelyn Nicole Davis

Katelyn Nicole Davis ♥ Forever Missed