Tradescantia Pallida - Purple Heart Flower

Tradescantia Pallida
Tradescantia Pallida
By SKsiddhartthan (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Tradescantia pallida, otherwise known as Purple Heart (more) and various other names, is a perennial flower that makes for an excellent and attractive ground cover. The plant can be grown indoors and when grown outdoors it can handle full sun to partial shade. Growing zones for the flower are in the ranges of 8A to 11 and the plant is also drought tolerant. In zones 10-11 is where the flowers tend to bloom during the winter.

As for other characteristics, the blooms of the flower can be white, pink, or purple and are known to bloom all year in warmer regions. They can also withstand light to medium frosts, with a temporary die-off, as the roots will survive. To protect the flowers you can use a mulch to protect the roots and plants. Which will increase the chances that the plant will sprout. The most important thing to know about Tradescantia pallida is that it can be invasive and needs to be well-maintained if you choose to grow it.

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