The Mercantile - Polebridge, Montana

Polebridge, Montana is a small town of around 50 residents that is located a mile away from Glacier National Park. Polebridge is a town that's a throwback to simpler times without all of the modern distractions. There are no wireless networks to connect your devices to, there's no cell service, and the only connections to be made are with the town's residents and the visitors passing through. Most of the town does not have electricity and the buildings that do rely on green energy, mainly solar panels and batteries, and also generators. The 'popular' place in town is the Polebridge Mercantile, which offers up all sorts of baked goods and many other items. Outside of town there's adventure to be found in open nature as all other distractions are not available. If that's your thing, to explore, then a trip to Polebridge, Montana is a must. Perhaps you'll even find yourself never wanting to leave.

Watch this short 2013 documentary, The Mercantile, Directed by Brian Bolster

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