Lacking Empathy and What's Broken in American Society

Lacking Empathy and What's Broken in American Society

We, as Americans and from the perspective of citizens of the USA, have been raised up to believe in this American dream. We're all told from a young age that we can be whatever we want to be. Yet, as you reach for that ideal, there are always people there to beat you down. Even amongst some of the people closest to you. Broken people who don't want to see you achieve what they've failed to achieved. They're the ones that have messed up, have forgotten to live, and never went through anything with a purpose. So they tear down things, they tear down those who may achieve what they couldn't or chose not to. They strike out and hit others with what they feel towards themselves. It could be fake friends or even family members that don't want to see you achieve what they couldn't and their need to "sin" comes out in the form of tearing others down. It is their joy. Which develops into your feeling of alienation.

Growing up, and perhaps even now, you may feel that what you believe doesn't matter. That it never mattered. This is in opposition to what are supposed to be these so-called "American ideals". The people you try to discuss your ideas with are the ones who don't really care to listen to your thoughts. Or perhaps they think the fact that you care about anything at all, having a heart, is quaint. That your empathy is a throwback relic that makes you someone that belongs "over there". Wherever "over there" is. More or less, it's a 'get away from me' because people don't want to feel. People thinking you're irrational for having any sort of care for things and people beyond yourself and beyond what's in your life. So you begin to feel tired where you are. And it's not even a place, it's the sin of this society itself.

You can reach this point of emotional evolution at any time during your life. Or you could discover it all over again, regaining the things this society, and others, chip away from you. You can't let this society and people overwhelm you. You have to grow and begin to understand more of what's going on around you. You have to realize the truth of this diseased society. Either from the progression out of blissful youth or an evolution back into what you once knew, but forgot. Something kicks you out of your blindness of recognizing the darkness of this American society.

You feel, deep down, that everything is wrong here. You feel the need to separate yourself from it, this society and you need to go with it. You need to distance yourself from it. You just can't sit back regularly, like so many, and engage in escapism and go along with it all. You can't spend your life numbing yourself like most Americans do. Yes, maybe you feel outside of all of this because you can't get lost in the pointlessness of the entertainment, distraction culture. You just want to find something bigger, something to live for more freely, but your happiness is torn down by those around you stuck in cycles of complacency or you can't break free from the trap of this culture. And you become tired, your house no longer feels like a home. Where you are no longer feels like a place where you belong.

The thing you have to remember though is that there are people out there like yourself. People seeking for something more to live for, and not just in a passing phase. We tire of these places where everyone keeps themselves within abysses of their own making. We're the ones that walk down the street in our communities and see the ghost towns. Even when people are all around. Yet they're completely unaware of everything around them. You're out and staring into the sky and seeing the beauty of the world around you. Yet their interest is in their distractions and their intent is to also tear down your wonder. To chip away at your wonder, your imagination, to suck away your awe of the world and your 'life force', to place you into their existence without wonder. You are put off by the sight of cultural waste as everyone's always distracted by everything but give less attention to the people around them. Places where everybody always addicted to something and you're the outlier for not having a need for the mind-dulling and numbing. Many times these are the people treating the 'awakened' people around them, the old souls, as their paperweights. Treating them with little respect and as an object for them to use and, many times, even abuse.

This is something that those of us who are aware, those who don't feel they're a part of this escapist, broken culture, need to rise above. We need to rise beyond their slumber. This is what a revolution is about, not about going along with the politics and the social waves of this broken society. No, it's about seeking beyond this society and reaching out. It's about empathy and finding each other out here. Out beyond the televisions, the entertainment culture, beyond the escapism. Where the "escape" becomes pure interaction with each other. To shift this society or to move beyond it. Whatever more easily becomes our reality. We need to start new and not expect ourselves to live within confines of this broken culture. And, yes, this needs to be done on the individualistic, decentralized level of our humanity. Only we know what that is, on an individual level, what will be right in seeking out greatness. There is no true guidebook beyond whatever faith, in goodness of your spirit, that you may follow. If you feel discontent then find your path. That voice you hear in the back of your mind is resistance, it is your soul wanting to move beyond this broken society. And yes not everyone hears that voice. Yet, if you truly do then let yourself be open and listen to it; the world around you and not the things of this broken society. Live your American dream, your own interpretation, and live for the good of everything. Don't become darkness and instead be all that's good. The example will rub off on others, the right people, the good people, without effort. Live your life with wholehearted empathy, and also by helping everyone in need, online and off.


In Memory of Katelyn Nicole Davis, February 20, 2004 - December 30, 2016 - An old soul gone before her time. Her pain in this world was never something she ever deserved and she never had the chance to see the world outside of the broken life around her. Fly high beautiful.

Katelyn Nicole Davis ♥ Forever Missed