Katelyn Nicole Davis - February 20, 2004 - December 30, 2016

Katelyn Nicole Davis - February 20, 2004 - December 30, 2016

No one should be sad in Georgia, but you were. You were just one of many that feel lower than they're worth in your home state.

Her name is Katelyn Nicole Davis.

She lived in the County of Polk in Georgia. She was born in 2004 and her time on this planet was far too short. From what's out there, her life wasn't the easiest but she was still obviously full of humanity and love. Even showing regret and giving apologies up until her last moments. It's not her who failed though. It's more than that.

In a partial sense, it comes down to the failure of this damned society. Katelyn, like many others, had barely any breaks from the relentless 'psychological assault', among other abuse. Not at home, not at school, not online.  It was on a social media site where her last moments that were broadcast. That site is live.me and, upon visiting it, you'll be greeted by false imagery of adventure, fun times, and social interaction. Just another segment of the illusion of the social aspect of social media. Social media needs to be reinvented as a means to reach out to people, to actually communicate, and not a medium to talk @ them.

It was there, on live.me's app, where she broadcast her last moments. Moments that were a silent scream, to be saved, being sent out into the black hole that is the internet. Into the lie that is social media, a place where the least amount of people care about anything. The culmination; the effect of the stress and events in her life. If only any of us were able to save her.

Ending with a heart-wrenching and shaky goodbye.


The Internet is in Bad Need of a Soul

Katelyn Nicole Davis (Justice For This Angel)✨ (Facebook Group)

The "I miss..." is what really got to me in this video. To miss what you don't know, you're in a house but not a home. It's heart-breaking.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Updates January 11th, 2017:

Excerpts from her video streams by 'In Memory of Katelyn Nicole Davis' on YouTube'
Full-length stream archives on YouTube

The new videos always seem more devastating than the last but her words, her experiences, her emotions, her messages need to be heard.


Ever since first seeing the initial video, and now these short videos, i'm not going to lie... it's caused a change. Like something's switched on within me. What i read and what i watch, it's all seeming to become so secondary. It all seems so pointless, but not in a depression sort of way. Like many that have seen these videos by her, it feels like we have to get active. 

This tragedy isn't some movie, this is real. And it doesn't seem like some far off thing. This Is Real. For the past six days it's like i've been increasingly grieving and feeling angry over a loss that feels all too real. Even though i never knew her, it feels like i've lost a family member. It feels like when i lost an actual family member to suicide so long ago. Like his passing, Katelyn's has hit me hard and it feels strange because i've never grieved over anyone i haven't known. 

It's upsetting to see the world go on even after someone dies.  To see most people unaware of the loss of such an obviously amazing person. Instead, they go on with the most meaningless distractions out here in 'our' society. And the things that Katelyn went through make me angry. No one should have to have experienced what she had at her age. Plus, being the care-taker of her siblings at her age clearly put a lot of stress on her.

What shakes me the most is that the look of anguish on her face, in many videos, is one i'd seen far too many times without even realizing it. The depths; it's even like looking in one's own reflection. Feelings i've even known in the past. Ultimately, when your house no longer feels like a home and anguish, fear, stress, worthlessness, and feeling drained, tired beyond tired.

Today, January 11th, marks six days since i first learned of Katelyn Nicole Davis and the emotion, grief, is as strong as ever. Yet, it's something i can't control. But there's a reason for this. She has to be remembered. She deserves to be remembered. Her life had meaning and she's a light that has to be known; to be shone. 

This, regardless of her upbringing, her background, everything she was has meaning far beyond anything wasteful being given undue exposure in our media. Even above celebrities and media personalities. Even if most never know about her, it is up to us who do to dedicate ourselves to helping people at every chance. Helping people in her memory and taking the lessons, the words, present in her vniideos. Do no harm to others. Everything done with love, and know that the biggest, deepest scars cannot be seen. 

To quote St. Augustine, "Let the root of love be in you: nothing can spring from it but good." 

Dedicate yourself. Redefine yourself. Help everyone you can. That is what Katelyn's memory is worth.

Justice for Katelyn!

Katelyn Nicole Davis ♥ Forever Missed