Recollection: Lake Demmon / Demmons Pond in Bath, New York

Recollection: Lake Demmon / Demmons Pond in Bath, New York

I've never been there myself but Demmons Pond was a place that my grandmother used to spend a lot of her childhood summers at in, what i'm guessing, were the 1920s and 1930s. She was born in 1922 and spoke with some family members about her younger years there. I know nothing of the stories but, in a way, i too have a connection to this place. After she passed in 1999, her ashes were spread at Demmons Pond, per her request. Her husband, my grandfather, passed in 1985 and she stayed unmarried for the rest of her years.

Thinking back, and being young, the difference between 1985 and 1999 felt like a long time. Now, fourteen years feels like a much shorter time. It's been over 17 years since she passed, October 23, 1999, yet i still have memories of her and things i knew about her. Going all the way back to my childhood. She was a religious women, but not so much in an organized religion sort of way. She wasn't showy about it. But she believed in angels, spirits, and all that and even gave us a book about angels one Christmas, the Christmas of 1995. It's a book that we still have. She spent her life doing the best with what resources she had at hand. Especially when it came to her children.

I suppose the importance of Demmons Pond was great to her. Stories and memories of hers that i'll unfortunately never know. We all have a place like that in our history. A place of youthful memories and calm spirit before the storms hit our lives. Her storms started around her mid-20s and she had the strength to survive through all of it. To survive through all the struggles, including being somewhat estranged from her family and being unjustly looked down upon by the New York county that she lived in, for being 'poor', after said estrangement. Which is something i still don't know, and likely will never know, the full story about either.

If i could, i'd put up a memorial in her name at Demmons Pond. Some day i look to do so. All so people know her name and that she existed. That she was a person in this world.

Katelyn Nicole Davis ♥ Forever Missed