Some Takeaways from Alex Jones' AMA on Reddit

Some Takeaways from Alex Jones' AMA on Reddit

Alex Jones, the well-known "alternative media" personality, held an AMA today (June 14th, 2016), answering many questions on topics ranging from current presidential candidates to censorship on Reddit.

Here are some of the takeaways from the Ask Me Anything with Alex Jones on r/The_Donald

On Donald Trump being the only presidential candidate honestly addressing the shooting in Orlando.

- 20% of the money given to Hillary is from Saudi Arabia
- Her Foundation had $125M from that part of the world

He also said that the media is mostly silent about ISIS in regards to the amount of nations they've taken a good portion of over and the mass atrocities they've carried out.

On modern liberals, "The "political left" isn't even liberal, the terms we've known have no meaning anymore."

In response to an individual who shed their ignorance and stopped being a "trendy liberal".

- Alex Jones said he was once one of those "liberals" too but began to realize that modern liberalism was a cult. He also believes that political correctness is ruining classic liberalism.

A 20-something individual asked what they could do to be a part of the 'infowar' and improve their communication and other skills.

- In response, talking about the future, he said that outside of engineering degrees that most degrees will not give people the skills to support themselves financially, at all. He also brought up "robots" aka automation of labor by machines.

- Live a life with purpose, keep (and eat) healthy, and dedicate yourself to doing what's right, defending liberties. Create culture, products that aid humanity, and art, don't just accept what's presented to you by 'mainstream' society.

On the left-wing trying to silence LGBT conservatives like Milo Yiannopolis on campuses.

- Leftists look to silence those like him because it "doesn't align with the narrative that they hope to control". Universities have purposefully created the atmosphere of intolerance and bullying, to push out opposing, truly diverse ideas.

On reddit censorship

- He says that Reddit reminds him of Digg and other news aggregators. Especially in relation to how much they liked to censor. He also said that as censorship increases, people will move on and find open-minded alternatives.

Video not available from Alex Jones banned YouTube channel.

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