Kiosks at fast food restaurants are a good thing

Kiosks at fast food restaurants are a good thing

Next up, automated food preparation.

With Wendy's plans to switch things up, voluntarily allowing Wendy's franchises to choose to install 'self-service' kiosks, it is a positive thing for their company's move towards the future. I can't blame the company for wanting to replace workers who are, at no fault of their own (well, mostly), being "helped" by self-serving "wage advocates".

It's these anti-free market types, the wage advocates, that pushed for the minimum wage to rates that are meant to purposefully bring financial harm to businesses of this sort. The free market's response is the increased automation or a customer's direct 'input' to replace the cashier. Something the vast majority of consumers see as a good thing. Just look at how much self-checkouts are used in stores by people with only a few items. The costs saved will likely lead to a increase in quality, and diversity, of the foods served at these places.

For years, I've been using kiosks at Sheetz while ordering coffee and food. Each time it's been a hassle-free experience. The kiosks are easy to use and anyone who uses a computer, a tablet or a smartphone these days should have no problem operating a kiosk. Hell, the rare individual that doesn't use any modern technology would also easily catch on. Furthermore, these kiosks are the, to use the terminology, "the wave of the future".

It's time for people to prepare for this future. Getting a job in the fast food industry was never meant to be a full-on, reliable career choice for the majority of the employees in the industry. People that'll complain about these technological developments are little more than a offshoot of Luddites of a different type.

These people need to get used to increased automation across the fast food industry as a whole and look higher and to better-paying industries or industries that won't become automated. To get upset over being replaced in such unskilled jobs should be something you see as being below you. There's still a lot of other (better) jobs out there for people to choose from. Ones that'll be far more fulfilling than working in the fast food industry. As for those who've never even worked in that industry, or haven't in a long time, their opinions are not needed.

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