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Quick Facts about the Bradshaw Trail in California

Monday, May 23, 2016
Quick Facts about the Bradshaw Trail in California
The Bradshaw Trail, once known as the Gold Road, was a trail that gave gold prospectors and others a route to follow from San Bernardino, California to the gold deposits in the region of Ehrenberg, Arizona. It also connected Riverside County, California to a section of the Colorado River.

The trail's name comes from William David Bradshaw, a former California gold miner (a forty-niner). He helped create a trail through the area in 1862. He planned the trail since gold deposits were running low in parts of California and knew that these miners, and their families, would need to relocate to more plentiful deposits. So, the plan of the Bradshaw Trail was to give these prospectors a more direct route to La Paz, near Ehrenberg. In May of 1862 is when Bradshaw and eight men went trailblazing to create the direct route.

In its most active years, from 1862 to the latter 1870s, the Bradshaw Trail was the main trail connecting wagons and stagecoaches to the gold fields at La Paz and to other regions of Arizona.

Today though, the length of the trail has been greatly reduced and has changed in its path. As those who frequent the trail know, it's best to travel the off-road trail using a four-wheel drive vehicle, making sure that yourself, your supplies, and your vehicle are ready for the trip. Much of the trail is located within Southeastern Riverside County, with a section of it being in Imperial County. The east-west trail begins 12 miles east of North Shore near the Salton Sea State Recreation Area. The full length of the graded dirt road trail.

Find out more about the trail:

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Stargazer Lilies - Interesting Facts and Growing Tips

Sunday, May 15, 2016
Stargazer Lilies - Interesting Facts and Growing Tips
Stargazer lilies have a different meaning for different people and different cultures. They may be representative of a memory from ones' past or simply just someone's favorite flower. Most popularly, they represent prosperity, optimism, peace, and opportunity. They're also well-suited for adding a unique color and look amongst other flowers that you have outdoors. Besides making for great outdoors flowers, they're also good for Mother's Day gifts, baby showers, or even as gifts for many events.

Stargazer Lily

One variety of the Stargazer Lily, the Pink Stargazer, has a noticeable fragrance and brilliant pink petals. Another noticeable aspect of the Stargazer lily is that its flower faces upwards. That's where it gets the name 'Stargazer'.

Stargazer lilies, like other lilies, can stand up to cooler temperatures, for a period, and are very hardy even in some poorer soils. When in full bloom, they'll have a noticeable fragrance to them and add great color to your flower garden. Being perennial, they'll come back year after year and better than the year before. They bloom in the middle to late summer and enjoy full sun. Though they can also be grown in partial shade. It's also best to keep the soil around these flowers moist, but not over-watered. Mulching can also help to hold in soil moisture for the flower. Which will also help keep the roots of the flower cool and healthy.

Here are some interesting facts about Stargazer lilies :

Stargazer lilies are a hybrid of the Oriental and Asiatic lilies, created by Leslie Woodriff in 1978.

They are known for their large, showy, star-shaped blooms with a deep pink color and a prominent white center.

Stargazer lilies are very fragrant and are often used in perfumes, soaps, and other scented products.

They prefer full sun or partial shade and well-draining soil.

Stargazer lilies are perennial plants, meaning they will come back year after year with proper care.

They can grow up to 36 inches tall and have a spread of up to 12 inches.

Stargazer lilies are popular in cut flower arrangements and are often used in weddings, bouquets, and other special occasions.

They are toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure if ingested, so it's important to keep them away from feline pets.

Stargazer lilies are relatively easy to care for and require regular watering, fertilization, and deadheading to promote new growth and blooms.

Stargazer lilies are a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and abundance, making them a popular gift for special occasions and celebrations.


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White Stargazer Lily

Lawn Dogs (1997): A Film About Social Class and Suburban Elitism

Friday, May 13, 2016
Lawn Dogs (1997): A Film About Social Class and Suburban Elitism
Looking for a thought-provoking drama with a touch of fantasy and folklore? Look no further than Lawn Dogs, the 1997 film starring Sam Rockwell and Mischa Barton. The movie follows the story of a blue-collar worker and offers insightful social and cultural commentary, particularly resonating with viewers who identify with the characters Trent and Devon. The film's soundtrack, featuring iconic tracks like Bruce Springsteen's, "Dancing in the Dark" and Bob Dylan's, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", seamlessly adds to the movie's commentary on society.

Lawn Dogs title screen
Lawn Dogs
Source: The Rank Organization, Toledo Pictures

Devon heading into Camelot Gardens gated community
Devon heading into Camelot Gardens
Source: The Rank Organization, Toledo Pictures
Analysis of Lawn Dogs

Lawn Dogs is about the day-in-and-day-out life of a seasonal worker and day laborer, Trent Burns, who works at the affluent gated community of Camelot Gardens. Within the confines of Camelot Gardens, he works odd jobs and seasonal work to get by. Some of the money that he makes working in the gated community goes to help his aging, retired parents who live in a trailer park.

Trent saves money by living as a land squatter in a beat-up trailer in the woods. A trailer that's located some miles from the gated community where he works. Though his squatter status is more related to his inability, as an odd-job worker, to afford actual rent near where he works. Trent, like others who do outdoor work within Camelot Gardens, is treated poorly by the community's residents. Their poor treatment is, of course, due to their 'outsider' status amongst the snobbish, self-centered and morally corrupted residents of Camelot Gardens.
Trent's trailer in the woods.
Trent's trailer in the woods.
Source: The Rank Organization, Toledo Pictures

Devon & Trent Meet

As the film progresses, Trent meets Devon Stockard (Mischa Barton), a girl who lives within the gated prison walls of Camelot Gardens, as she's out trying to sell cookies. Their first meeting is actually when Devon finds his trailer empty, aka Baba Yaga's house, and curiously begins to snoop around the place,.rent arrives back home and is a bit startled when he finds her in his trailer. He steps back off the trailer steps, closes the trailer's door, and sits outside, waiting for her to come out.

As the story deepens, we find out that Devon's father is one of the more well-liked residents of Camelot Gardens. He's a social-climber of sorts, influenced by his unfaithful wife, that even uses his daughter to try to gain influence in the community. But Devon, like Trent, feels like an outsider within the confines of Camelot Gardens. Yet her reasons are a little different from Trent's.

Trent and Devon dancing at the river
Trent and Devon dancing at the river
Source: The Rank Organization,
Toledo Pictures
Partially based in that she's an outsider in her family and a new arrival to the community, she doesn't get along with the other children in the neighborhood. Nor does she ever want to. As for the adults in Camelot Gardens, she doesn't care much for them either. Throughout the film, you'll see the similarities between Trent and Devon becoming more apparent. They both enjoy the freedom of the open and don't enjoy the stifling, inclusive atmosphere of the community within those gates. A place that produces the most upstanding citizens, in illusionary terms, who are little more than modernly liberal and cultureless. Liberal in that what's done within their class, no matter how deviant or disturbed, is perfectly acceptable. But the smallest things done by those outside their "class" is completely worthy of punishment from Camelot Garden's residents.

In that, is where Devon and Trent are completely separate from the classist community. They prefer the openness of the world versus the stagnation, isolation, arrogance, and "safety" of Camelot Gardens.

The Kinship Between Devon and Trent

Looking deeper into the story of Lawn Dogs, Devon begins to see Trent as a sort of father figure, in a way. She sees Trent as nowhere near as distant, 'normal' and cold as her robotic father. Unlike Devon's father, Trent doesn't see her as a way to get ahead in the community of Camelot Gardens. Nor does he treat her like she's a lesser person. Devon's mother, who is just as distant, treats Devon the same way her father does. Both of her parents see her as a burden but try to offset this by using her as just another way to get ahead. Not once truly caring about her hopes and needs.

Trent and Devon shouting, "This is my river!"
"This is my river!"
Source: The Rank Organization,
Toledo Pictures
Furthermore, both of Devon's parents are a bit embarrassed by her. This is because of how she differs from the residents, the children, and the adults, of the community. Both of her parents have put her in a position where she's like an object to help them get to the top of the community's social circles. Due to this, Devon has a mutually distant feeling towards both of her parents and the people of the community that she's unable to relate to. She, like Trent, feels like an outcast of sorts, and in feeling alone, she wants someone to relate to. She is someone more 'free-spirited' and feels more at home in the open and unrestrained. Like Trent, she prefers the wide-open freedom to the stagnation and the false safety within the gates of Camelot Gardens.

As for Trent, it's evident that, given a few events in the film, he's looking for someone to show concern for him. That is, besides the care and concern he gets from his parents. Of course, that's now how it initially was since it was Devon who, in an unorthodox manner, introduced herself to him while she was out selling cookies.

Trent and His Seeking a Meaningful Direction in His Life

A 'lost boy' looking for his way, with a weight upon his shoulders.

Trent, he also looks for someone to care about and relate to. A 'girlfriend', Pam, a friend with benefits form Camelot Gardens, brushes him off on numerous occasions in the film. The brush-off happens as Trent makes it clear that he wants to get to know Pam better and be introduced to her family.

In the storyline, the rejection he feels is where Devon comes in. Her character fills that void, being like a daughter to him, and makes him feel less alone in the world. When Trent brings Devon to his parents' house, it reveals a side that wants his parents to be proud of him. It's also about Trent trying to bring a little more joy and brightness into his parents' lives any way he can. Most everything he does is for his parents.

Where Trents' parents live.Trent's father has lung problems stemming from his service during the Korean War.
Trent's father with his flag and the flags of friends who lost their lives in during the Korean War.Trent and his father.
Source: The Rank Organization, Toledo Pictures

It is in these scenes where we find Trent becoming upset by the reality that his father isn't doing all that well, health-wise. Without spoilers, these scenes are definitely amongst the best of the film. After the visit to his parents, on the ride back towards Camelot Gardens, Trent begins to see Devon as someone he can open up to about things. Devon becomes someone to talk to about his father's disease and other problems. Which are the things that Trent usually keeps bottled up because he had no one to talk and had no one, other than his parents, that took him seriously.

In this, Devon becomes like a family member, the daughter figure, and he takes on a role of being a father figure of sorts. Devon, in turn, shows her appreciation as she doesn't get that from her social-climbing father. Later on, we see that in her defense of Trent over her father, and against the others of Camelot Gardens, proving that she sees Trent as more worth protecting. Even over her own father.

Devon drifting Trent's father's flag in the windDevon let go of the American flag
Source: The Rank Organization, Toledo Pictures


When I first saw this film, sometime around 2000, the story pulled me in from the start. Lawn Dogs was such a memorable film that even years after forgetting its name I still remembered the story. Years later, I randomly came across the film again on Hulu, on Christmas Eve of 2009. Then I purchased the DVD within the following weeks.

In my opinion, Lawn Dogs is one of the films that you'll want to watch again. Its lesser-known status and low popularity does make it a "gem" of sorts. It is definitely a film that everyone should see at least once. It's a relatable film and is similar, especially given the base story of Trent's life, "class", and that of his parents, to many of our lives and our circumstances.

Another aspect of this film that makes it enjoyable is the simplicity of Trent's life. Yet, at the same time, his life is far from being as simple as it appears to be on the surface. The difference in his "social class" from those in Camelot Gardens has him sticking out like a sore thumb when he enters Camelot Gardens to put in a day's work. The community's residents look down on him for being blue collar. Yet, Devon sees him and looks at him, and his character, as someone new who is worth looking up to and getting to know. Almost like she sees him as a symbol of freedom in the middle of the 'prison' of Camelot Gardens. A community where her parents just happen to be the 'fine, upstanding citizens'. Even though they are anything but.

Add that to the fact that Devon doesn't identify with the kids her age in Camelot Gardens as she says, they "smell like television", only it brings out more of her dislike of the confinement in the gated community. Both Devon and Trent have a sort of resentment of how their lives are but don't let it make them bitter. In that, it is what makes their characters similar from the beginning. It's their natural need for freedom, a spirit alive in the both of them, which makes Devon and Trent very much alike.

Anyway, that's my take on the film Lawn Dogs. It's one of the rarer films that's worth seeing for those who have never seen it before. It's also likely that you'll end up wanting to watch the film more than once to take in the full story.

Lawn Dogs Filming Locations - Where Lawn Dogs was filmed

Bridge over Harrods Creek (Trent's diving scene in Lawn Dogs):

Lawn Dogs Soundtrack

Jubilee - Shake and Shiver
Sister Sledge - We Are Family
Carol Douglas - Doctor's Orders
Dwight Yoakam - A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat
J.J. Cale - Feeling In Love
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark
Bill Monroe - In The Pines
Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Composer: Trevor Jones - IMDB link Wikipedia link Official Website - Opening Titles and Home/End Scene Music

Director: John Duigan 
Writer: Naomi Wallace

Lawn Dogs Movie Cast

Sam Rockwell
Mischa Barton
Devon Stockard
Christopher McDonald
Morton Stockard
Kathleen Quinlan
Clare Stockard
Bruce McGill
Miles Meehan
David Barry Gray
Eric Mabius
Sean Torrance
Beth Grant
Trent's Mother
Tom Aldredge
Jake (Trent's Father)
Angie Harmon
Pamela Gregory
José Orlando Araque
Salvador the Mailman
Odin and Tafekei

Trivia and External Links 

The fictional McCade County (spelling?) is where Camelot Gardens is located. Though, in some sources, the county is either McKay or Mackay. There are references to McKay near where Lawn Dogs was filmed in Kentucky. Though it sounds like "McCade" when Devon says the fictional county's name.

Sam Rockwell, Bruce McGill, and Beth Grant all starred together in the 2003 film, "Matchstick Men".

Sam Rockwell and Bruce McGill star together in the 2019 film, "The Best of Enemies".

Discussion/another take on Devon's character - "I think Devon was meant to be traumatised by her heart surgeries"

Lawn Dogs was filmed in Louisville, Prospect, and Danville, Kentucky 

Film Script:

The Movie DB:

Lawn Dogs Fan Videos

Lawn Dogs 1997 movie

Lawn Dogs 1997 Trailer

Best Places to Visit in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky

Saturday, May 07, 2016
Best Places to Visit in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky

Founding of Hopkinsville

Hopkinsville, located in Southwest Kentucky, is a city of over 32,000 residents. Settled in 1796, and officially founded in 1804, Hopkinsville offers a rich history and rich historical sites for visitors to experience. The city's first settlers were Bartholomew Wood and his wife Martha after they received 1,200 acres of land as 'reward' for his service during the Revolutionary War. Once Christian County was officially founded later that year, Bartholomew and Martha donated five acres to the newly-formed county government.

Christian County courthouse Kentucky
By Bedford at en.wikipedia (
Own work Transferred from en.wikipedia)
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
From there, in 1798, development of the area was well under way, including a courthouse and jail. After a short 'fight' over what the town would be named, with one recommendation being the name of Woods' daughter Elizabeth, the town became officially known as Hopkinsville. The city was named after state representative and veteran, Samuel Hopkins.

Points of Interest in Hopkinsville

Though not exhaustive, here are some of the points of interests and places to see in and around Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Visit the official websites of each attraction for more information.

Charles Jackson Circus Museum

A collection of circus memorabilia, including items from Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey.

Hopkinsville Museum
By Bedford at en.wikipedia
(Own work Transferred from en.wikipedia)
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Pennyroyal Area Museum

Learn about Edgar Cayce (born in Hopkinsville), military heroes and local African-American history.

Woody Winfree Fire-Transportation Museum

See a collection of classic cars, buggies, an antique fire truck and more.

Don F. Pratt Memorial Museum

As a part of Fort Campbell, this museum features the history of the 101st Airborne's "Screaming Eagles" and their missions during wartime, from World War II up to Operation Desert Storm. Also displayed are military equipment, aircraft, and monuments.

Bramble & Bee Farm

Bramble & Bee Farm offers raw honey, jams and jellies, canned goods, and organic produce for sale at local shops and the local farmer's market. They also offer many products produced from honey and beeswax.

Copper Canyon Ranch

Copper Canyon is an attraction designed to look like an Old West town. Open for picnics, field trips, public visits. Seasonal events, such as their "Haunted Ghost Town" around Halloween, are open for all.

MB Roland Distillery

A Small-scale distillery that offers free tours for visitors offering taste-testing and the purchasing of their products. They produce rums, whiskeys, "True Kentucky Shine", and other alcoholic beverages.

Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center

The Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center is a water park that features Ripple River, a slow-moving 'river' for visitors to float down, The Splash Zone (a playground with small water slides and other equipment), and larger slides, Riptide Express, and Hurricane Alley. Also available are poolside concession stands.

Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs Resort

An old quarry, turned into a dive site, with water depths ranging from 5 feet to 130 feet. Scuba diving experiences are available for the beginner to the experienced divers. There are over 40 'sunken treasure' locations for divers to explore. Also available are equipment rentals, tank refills, diving classes and a service department at the dive shop.

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park

A state park with plentiful woods surrounding it, lodging and cabins for rent, camping sites, natural trails, fishing areas on Pennyrile Lake, swimming picnic shelters, nature trails and more.

Christian County Historical Society
By Bedford at en.wikipedia (Own workTransferred from en.wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Historic Attractions in Hopkinsville

Historic site with a memorial built for the Confederate president born in the area in 1808.

Honoring the memory of the Cherokee who died on the Trail of Tears after their forced removal from their lands. Also featured are the burial sites of Chief Fly Smith and Chief White Path.

Downtown Hopkinsville features historic homes, with detailed architecture, and many shops, businesses, and numerous other attractions and activities.

Fort Campbell Memorial Park was built in memory of the 248 soldiers, who lost their lives after their plane crashed, in 1985, shortly after takeoff in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.

Gift Shops

Blue Creek Centre 
4537 Ft. Campbell Boulevard. 
Hopkinsville, KY

100 East 6th Street
Hopkinsville, KY

4259 Fort Campbell Blvd
Hopkinsville, KY

205 Means Avenue
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

911 S Main St
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Genesee Region State Parks in Western New York

Wednesday, May 04, 2016
Genesee Region State Parks in Western New York
View from Portage Viaduct
Dan Parnell at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0
or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
The Genesee and Genesee Valley regions of Western New York are known for their many parks, its scenic beauty and rich history. One of the most well-known parks, Letchworth State Park, offers both an interesting history, many places of interest and miles of trails. Including the Genesee River Gorge, giving it the name "Grand Canyon of the East."
About an hour north of Letchworth is Lakeside Beach State Park and a handful of other state parks and beaches within the Genesee region. Most of which provide camping, swimming, outdoor activities and even fishing in some of the locations.

Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park is in the area of what was once the home of Mary Jemison and the Seneca. The "Grand Canyon of the East" is one of the most scenic areas in the state. The Genesee River flows through the middle of Letchworth Park with three waterfalls at different points of the river within the park. There are over 60 miles of hiking trails. Which includes specialized trails for biking, snowmobiling, skiing and horseback riding. Activities at the park include guided walks and tours, programs about nature and the local history, whitewater rafting, boating, and kayaking. There's also a pool available for swimming and hot air ballooning at the nearby, "Balloons Over Letchworth".
Not only are there plenty of spring and summer activities are Letchworth State Park but there's also winter activities for visitors. Which include cross-country skiing, snow tubing, sledding, and snowmobiling. At the Glen Iris Inn, many services are available and open to the public. Which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also offer rooms and reservations for special events.

Conesus Lake and Conesus Lake Public Boat Launch

Conesus Lake offers those who enjoy boating and fishing easy access to the lake with many different species of bass, trout and other fish in its waters. You can even fish from the docks. The lake is also open in the winter for ice fishing. For those looking just to visit and not go out onto the lake, there are plenty of picnic sites. For campers, there are campsites open for tents and RVs and on-site cabins, cottages and trailers available for rent.
A yearly tradition also takes place on the night of July 3rd for the 4th of July holiday. Called the "Ring of Fire", people staying at the lake light up thousands of road flares around the whole lake at dusk and shoot off fireworks. During the day, you can engage in activities beyond just fishing or having a picnic though. You can go scuba diving, water skiing, sailing or just sit back and relax if that's your thing.
Conesus Lake panorama
Benjamin D. Esham / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0 us], via Wikimedia Commons

Darien Lakes State Park

Darien Lakes State Park, not to be confused with the theme park nearby. The park was originally called Harlow Lake and Park and was created in the summer of 1960. It provides over 150 seasonal campsites, most of which providing electric hookups for RVS and trailers. There's also a small beach at one part of the lake. Elsewhere around the park, there are rest stations, showers, playgrounds, areas for fishing, trails for hiking and horse-riding. Some of which are also open in winter for skiing and snowmobiling. For picnicking. there are two picnic shelters (requiring a reservation) and numerous picnic tables with grills nearby, including across the small bridge to Picnic Island.

Genesee Valley Greenway State Park

Genesee Valley Greenway State Park roughly follows the Genesee River. Much of the park is a trail that stretches for 90 miles along what was once the Pennsylvania Railroad path and along the Genesee Valley Canal. The trail is open to public for biking and walking. Along the trail, you'll find a few areas of historical and natural significance. Being made from the former Pennsylvania Railroad path, much of the trail is level with cinder, gravel and short grass and not just a dirt path. While passing through the Genesee Valley Greenway, you'll find plenty of environments including marshes and wetlands, woodlands, streams and river valleys, gorges, farmland, the area's long-standing villages and more. The trail also connects up with the Finger Lakes Trail, Erie Attica Trail, Lehigh Valley Trail, the Genesee River Trail and the Erie Canal Recreation Way.

Silver Lake State Park

Silver Lake State Park offers visitors a quiet day vacation getaway. There are many boat launch sites, picnic areas and restroom areas on and in the area of the parklands. But most of the park isn't developed, allowing it to keep its natural beauty. On West Lake Road, in the southwest corner of the lake, not far past Silver Lake Marine, is a boat launch open to the public. On the eastern side of the lake, there are a few boat rental businesses and public boat launch sites. The public boat launch is suited for rowboats, canoes, kayaks and small motor boats. While other sites can handle larger boats. So it's best to do a little research on the boat launch locations before visiting. The two links below provide much more information about Silver Lake and the State Park.

Oak Orchard State Marine Park

Oak Orchard State Marine Park is open from April 15th to November 1st, offering picnic areas with grills, boat launch sites, showers and restroom areas, an overlook, and many seasonal events. Events which include a car show, a series of concerts, a fishing tournament. Visitors can also reserve, in advance, the park and pavilions for events and gatherings.

Irondequoit Bay State Marine Park

Irondequoit Bay Marine park has 30 acres of land and offers fishing, boating on Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay. There is a small restroom area for visitors and clean out stations for boaters who visit the park. The park is open from April 1st to October 31st, 6:00 am until 8:00 PM. Besides fishing and boating, there are also geocaches located around the park.

Hamlin Beach State Park

Hamlin Beach features over 250 campsites for tents and trailers, numerous shaded picnic sites with grills and picnic tables. On the east side of the State Park is the mile-long nature trail that's for visitors. Elsewhere on the park grounds, mainly near the lakeside, are miles of hiking trails, which visitors are also permitted to use bikes on. In winter, there are numerous snowmobile and skiing trails. For those who enjoy time on the lake, or fishing, you can bring small (car-top) boats and launch them from an area on the eastern side of the park.

Lakeside Beach State Park

Lakeside Beach State Park
By The original uploader was Decumanus at
English Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0],
via Wikimedia Commons
Lakeside Beach State Park is a well-kept, peaceful scenic park offering 274 camping sites, miles of hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, restrooms, fishing, open playing fields and a disc golf course with 18 holes to play through. There are separate pets and no pets areas for convenience and comfort. On the grounds, there are also a few playgrounds and a camping supply store.
The downside is that there is no swimming allowed at this park but you can head to Hamlin Beach with your camping pass. Though it's about a 20-minute trip to Hamlin Beach. In winter, Lakeside offers hiking, snowmobiling and ski trails.

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