Oscillating Ceramic Heater - Lasko 6435 Designer Series

December 2, 2017

Oscillating Ceramic Heater - Lasko 6435 Designer Series

An oscillating ceramic heater isn't all that different from a regular ceramic heater. The difference being, which is nearly self-explanatory, is that an oscillating ceramic heater moves to help circulate the heat. A ceramic heater uses ceramic elements and aluminum. The aluminum heats up and and air blowing across the fixtures inside the heater. In comparison to coil heaters, they heat up more quickly, cool down more quickly when the heater is powered off, and are more energy efficient. They're also safer than coil heaters. They naturally do not reach as high of a temperature due to the ceramic inside the heaters.

Lasko's 6435 model is a highly-rated and popular model. It is perfect for small, medium, and even some large rooms. Larger rooms may require more than heater. It is also definitely suited for heating the average bedroom. The oscillating feature is a big plus.

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Lasko 6435 Designer Series oscillating ceramic heater
Quiet and Energy Efficient.

The internal fan on Lasko's 6436 Oscillating Ceramic Heater is very quiet and the heating fixtures are very energy efficient. The ceramic heating elements retain heat well while not heating up too much and wasting energy. Then fan and oscillating movement helps spread the heat, automatic, variable convection, instead of it all blowing in one direction.

Comes with a Remote

The remote includes a power button, timer button, high/low/auto (thermostat-controlled) heating button,  an oscillation button, and temperature adjustment (+/-) buttons. All of these buttons are also available on the heater itself.

Features and Details:

The Lasko 6436 Oscillating Ceramic Heater features a base with a metal scrollwork design.

* High, low, automatic settings for the thermostat, +/- temperature adjustment settings, oscillation setting, and timer settings.

* 1500 watts for excellent heat output.

* 3-Year limited warranty when purchased new.

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