Braun KF7150BK Coffee Maker

September 16, 2017

Braun KF7150BK Coffee Maker

We've all been there with the low-priced coffee makers. Used to the flavor of the coffee they brew without realizing that our coffee could be better (and stronger with better brewing). While the low-priced brand models are great you are likely missing out on richer and more flavorful coffee with a higher-end coffee maker. The Braun coffee maker is one such coffee maker.


From the start this Braun coffee maker (Braun KF7150BK) doesn't look too much different from others in its price range.   For one its cone filter gives, in my opinion, a much more flavorful and richer coffee.

The operation of the coffee maker is as simple as any other coffee maker. The display on the coffee maker, being backlit, is easier to read than the regular LCD displays on other coffee makers. The buttons are also easy to read.

You can choose how many cups you want to brew. Up to four cups of coffee at a time. Like most coffee makers you can also set a timer for it to start automatically brewing at a certain time of day. It also features an auto shutoff setting.

With the hot plate you can keep your coffee warm by choosing either high, medium, or low. Which is better than ordinary coffee makers that only have one temperature that keeps the coffee very hot and can change it's flavor. For my tastes i set the hot plate to medium.

On top of temperature settings, you can also set the strength of the coffee to either regular or bold.


Now for some of the minor cons for this coffee maker. The water reservoir is located in a less-than-convenient location for some. If you have low cupboards then you'll have to move the coffee maker to access the water reservoir. Though many coffee makers are designed the same way with the reservoir under the lid. Some also have problem with the size of the reservoir opening.


On pricing, you can get free shipping for this coffee maker if you buy it through Amazon here and perhaps even more savings down the road.

Similar Coffee Makers

There are plenty of similar coffee makers available. Most of which are just as highly rated as the Braun coffee makers. While i won't be going over their features, pros, and cons you can see these brands and models by clicking here

My opinion is that the Braun BrewSense coffee maker is definitely worth the purchase if you're in the market for a reliable, higher-end coffee maker. I feel the customer opinions and ratings alone speak well of it, its quality, and brewing quality. With free shipping it makes it all the more worth purchasing.