Interviews with the Father of Katelyn Nicole Davis by Celeste Whoknows

These two interviews/videos by Celeste Whoknows give an insight into the father's side and the backstory going back to the aughts, while Katelyn was still a young child. The reality is that mistakes were made on all sides in Katelyn's family. At least of those who had regular contact with her.

Katelyn Nicole Davis/Rogers UPDATE & I Talk w/ BIO-DAD

Response To Your Comments About Katelyn Nicole Davis' Bio-Dad

Katelyn Nicole Davis' Dad Answers Your Hard Questions-EMOTIONAL =(

Post-Interview w/ Katelyn Nicole Davis' Bio-Dad-INCONSISTENCIES & AN APOLOGY

Two related videos by Celeste Whoknows that cover Facebook Groups, other questions, and a video about the piece of trash stepfather Anthony Rogers.

Addressing Your Messages On Katelyn Nicole Davis Online Groups & The Investigation

Katelyn Nicole Davis' Step-Dad Got Away w/ Deadly Bullying

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