Landmann Fire Pits - A Perfect Backyard or Patio Addition

November 29, 2016

Landmann Fire Pits - A Perfect Backyard or Patio Addition

Landmann Fire Pits

landmann fire pits
Landmann Fire Pits are not only one of the best fire pit brands but they're also at the highest rated fire pits online. They have an attractive look and definitely make for an excellent landscape addition. A Landmann fire pit is just what your patio or backyard is missing. In my experience, they're also great for those evening gatherings when you're with family and/or friends. There's nothing better than a warm fire to create memories. Especially during those cooler fall evenings, with perfectly calm weather, where any one of these Landmann fire pits will keep you warm and toasty.

With Landmann fire pits, there certainly aren't a shortage of design choices, looks, and styles. Each and every type has different features and designs that are sure to fit your tastes. You'll be sure to find a Landmann fire pit that'll fit what you're looking for. Yes, there is no doubt you'll be able to find what you're looking for, given their wide selection.

The benefits of a fire pit extend well beyond their design and attractiveness, of course. As i said, they're great for keeping you warm or, during summer months, helping keep the bugs back. All while giving off a glow that's much like a campfire, only more controlled.

What are some great Landmann fire pit choices?

These fire pits are very well made, durable, and will last you through many years and uses. You will also see that many of their designs and looks are very well done. The only trouble you will have to trying to choose the one you want since they are so well-designed. It doesn't matter of you're looking for something more on the design side, a classic look, or even a rugged look. You will find something that fits what you want. It comes down to your tastes in designs. You'll see that these fire pits, available in copper, Georgia clay, steel and more, will make your backyard bonfires much safer. Especially in comparison to an ordinary fire pit.

Landmann Big Sky Stars & Moons Fire Pit

Landmann Big Sky Stars & Moons Fire PitThis Landmann Fire Pit makes for a comfortable atmosphere. The moon and star shapes create an ambiance that is the best out of all the Landmann models. Down to the details, this fire pit is made of steel with a sand-colored finish. The bowl of the pit itself measures 23-1/2 inches in diameter. The safety ring is useful for resting items on and using to sturdily carry the fire pit. As for the full measures they are 29-1/4 x 29-1/4 x 17 inches.

This Landmann fire pit isn't super lightweight, as you wouldn't want it to be, and yet it is still easily movable. It only weighs in at fifty pounds. So you'll be able to take to anywhere you please, Campsites, beaches, or wherever you choose. Included are the full-size cooking grate, spark-guard cover and a fire poker. The fire pit is also easy to put together.

Landmann Wildlife, Big Sky Fire Pit

Landmann Wildlife, Big Sky Fire PitLandmann Big Sky fire pit has a wildlife cutout design that creates a great atmosphere. Especially after the sun has gone down. This fire pit model has a 23.5" bowl made of steel and comes in two colors, black and sandpaint. It features a safety ring that allows maximum portability and helps protect you from burns. The design of the mesh bowl "cover" keeps sparks from the fire inside the cover and prevents them from sparking out.

Included is a grilling area and a fire poker. So you will enjoy both cooking some great food and keeping yourself warm during gatherings or even on your own. Best of all, the only thing required concerning assembly is putting on the fire pit's legs.

Landmann Savannah Garden Light Black Fire PitLandmann Savannah Garden Light Black Fire Pit

The Landmann Garden Light Fire Pit features a unique cutout design that creates an amazing display of firelight at night. It is made of durable steel and easy to assemble. Its ring serves for easy portability and protection from direct-contact burns.

Included with the fire pit is a well-designed, sturdy spark screen, fire poker and four sturdy legs. The bowl itself is 23-1/2 inches and provides easy sight of the fire from all sides.

Landmann Haywood Tree Leaves Sturdy Steel Fire Pit

Landmann Haywood Tree Leaves Sturdy Steel Fire PitLandmann Haywood Fire Pit is made of steel for extra durability Its design makes the fire viewable from any angle around the fire pit. The fire pit features a hinged door which lets you can easily get to the fire when placing in new pieces of wood. The fire pit's design is sure to grab attention and will fit in with your yard's design.

The spark screen keeps the fire's embers from landing around the fire pit. Which increases safety for those sitting nearby and stopping the risk of starting any fires outside of the fire pit. Also included is a fire poker and grating.