Gabrielle Aplin - Miss You (Official Music Video)

I can't think of its name right now but this video of Gabrielle Aplin's song Miss You reminds me of a specific late 70s movie i saw. I know, what film it resembles is probably really obvious to some but i'm drawing a blank. In parts, her look reminds of Kristy's McNichol's fierce character Amanda Child in the 1981 film, "The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia".

All in all, i enjoy the uniqueness, the colorfulness, and the lightheartedness of this music video.

Hope you enjoy the video for "Miss You"! For this video I wanted to explore how we recall and remember certain events and memories in life. This video is a visual depiction of how our minds can alter memories into something slightly different each time we think of them.
Video directed by: Stephen Agnew
Produced by: Jamie Whymark, Kode Media
Art Director: Dale Slater

Hair: Johnnie Biles
MUA: Crystabel Riley
Styling: Zoe Graham

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