Dennison's Bogie Book - Games For Halloween Parties

October 4, 2016

Dennison's Bogie Book - Games For Halloween Parties

bobbing for apples
Certain old-time games and stunts are a part of every Halloween party. The customs and superstitions that belong to this weird night are almost all connected in some way with future wedded bliss or material welfare. Do not fail, therefore, at some time during the evening to have your guests bob for apples in a tub of water; peel apples in one continuous piece and throw the peelings over their left shoulders so that they may fall on the floor to form the initials of the future mate; blow out lighted candles to determine the number of years that will elapse before marriage. These are only a few of the well-known methods of finding out what the future holds. You probably know many more that are too well known to require explanation.

Excerpts from Dennison's Bogie Book - 1920

One, Two, Three, Four

After dancing a few minutes, have the music stop and line the men in one row and the girls in another, facing each other. Tell the men to move down one and dance with the girl opposite. The man at the head of the line goes to the other end and dances with the girl who is left without a partner. In a few minutes repeat, but this time have the men move down two. Dance again, then move down three and finally four.

Blindfolded Partners 

Line the men on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Blindfold them all and at a given signal start them all to meet each other. When a man meets a girl they shake hands and become partners. If the guests are shifted about a bit after they are blindfolded and before they start to meet each other, there will be more confusion and fun.

A Ghostly Fate The men are lined up in one row and the girls in another, facing each other. A blindfolded ghost goes to the men's line, takes one by the hand and goes across and touches a girl. These two are to be partners. This continues until all have partners.

The Witch's Cats

Before the dance a number of Cat Cut-outs H 35 should be hidden about the room.

There should be one extra man (or possibly there will be an extra girl) . Announce that the witch has lost her nine cats and if one of them can be found by the person without a partner it will bring him good luck and he may dance with anyone he wishes. The deposed partner may in turn hunt for a black cat and so get another partner. If the party is large several people may hunt for cats at the same time, and so the cutting in will become quite lively.

Dennison's Bogie Book
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A Calendar of Events

Pass pencils and papers on which are written in a column the months of the year. Each is to sign his name and, having folded the paper down so that the name cannot be read, pass it to the right. Then opposite "January" each is to write what he would like to do during the coming January. This is folded and passed, and so continued until all the doings for the year are completed. The papers are then collected and the hostess will read what each one will do during the coming year. 

If preferred these papers may be kept and read at the refreshment table.

Matrimonial Race

Carry to a goal at the opposite side of the room a spoonful of small round candies in one hand and a potato balanced on a knife blade in the other.

To win, however, all of the candies and the potato must arrive at the goal in their original positions.

The winner of this race will be the first of the company to be married.

The Cup of Fate

Place three cups or saucers on the table. Half fill one with water, another with milk and the third with vinegar.

Let each person, blindfolded, dip a finger in the first cup touched; if it contains milk married life will be happy, if vinegar one's future wife or husband will have a sour disposition, and if the cup contains water single blessedness is in store.

The position of the cups may be changed before each trial.

Hallowe'en Wills

Halloween Wills Game
Plan your stunts so that just at midnight a ghost story shall be told.

A few minutes before this, tell your guests that as there is no telling what terrible things may happen on Hallowe'en all should be prepared by making their wills.

Pass wide sheets of paper numbered from one to five in three columns across the paper.

At the top of the sheet is written "The last will of _______" Each guest is to write his name, and in the first column a list of five of his most valued possessions. The papers are then to be folded so that this list is folded under and the papers are then to be passed to the right. A list of five persons is then to be written and the papers again folded and passed. Finally a list of five uses is to be written and the papers again passed to the right. They are then unfolded and read. It may be very enlightening to learn that John Smith wills his set of golf clubs to Mary Smith to use repairing a broken window.

Fortune Telling Game

On plain squares of white paper write with baking soda mixed with water such names as doctor, lawyer, dentist, farmer, banker, etc. When playing the game, have all the guests seated on the floor and turn all lights very low. Go from guest to guest with a lighted candle. Each may know the occupation of his future helpmeet by holding the blank paper above the candle. The heat from the blaze will turn the written word brown.


Hollow out a rather small pumpkin and put into it small numbered cards or small witch, cat or pumpkin cut-outs, numbered on the back. Pass the pumpkin and allow each guest to draw out a card. As each person tells the number of his card, the hostess will read a fortune from a numbered list that has been prepared beforehand.

Apple Ten Pins

Stick three matches into an apple so that it will stand. Set up ten of them like ten pins and give each player an apple to serve as a ball. The player who can knock down the most in three shots is the winner. It will be well to test out before the party the distance that will be best to have the players stand from the "pins."

Family Ghosts

In the invitation to the party, request each one to bring a "family ghost" (something that is a "dead one" as far as he is concerned).

Some time during the evening all form in a circle with their packages in their hands. Some one plays a dirge on the piano, and slowly the packages are passed round and round from one to another. When the music stops the package held becomes a new possession. Then all open and exhibit their"ghosts.'

Spinning the Web of Fate

Draw a large spider web on a sheet of orange mat stock. Write fortunes in the different sections. Let each guest spin a top on the web. When it stops his fate stands revealed.

Ghostly Lights

When a ghost story is to be told, seat your guests in a circle on the floor. In the center place three or four lighted candles. As the telling of the story proceeds the candles go out one by one until at the climax the last candle goes out leaving the room in total darkness.

ghostly lightsThe secret of this is to cut the candles in two and then put them together again by heating the two pieces slightly.

Of course when the candle has burned down to the cut in the wick it will go out. Cut each candle a little lower down so that they will be sure to go out one at a time.

Try one candle before cutting the others to find out how long it will burn between two points.