Uniden BCD436HP - Handheld Radio Scanner Review

September 27, 2016

Uniden BCD436HP - Handheld Radio Scanner Review

The Uniden BCD436HP handheld scanner has been out for years now and offers features perfect for home use and especially during trips. For one, you'll be able to keep track of weather or anything that could delay your road travels. Bought new, this scanner was a perfect addition to an older radio scanner that i have. For expected reasons, i got the Uniden BCD436HP digital scanner to pick up digital frequencies in addition to analog ones. I researched plenty of radio scanners online and this one fit my needs as a routine user of the scanner.

Searching Frequencies and Storing Channels

This Uniden scanner has an extremely useful feature allowing you to easily and quickly find for frequencies local to your area. It'll save you a lot of hassle, especially if you're new to using radio scanners. There's also the search feature that scans the most often used bands for user convenience. Memory-wise, you'll be able to store up to 300 programmed channels. Which is far more than most of us will ever need.

Power Usage - Battery Length

It's up to you on which types of AA batteries you want to use in the Uniden. You can use 3 regular AA batteries or rechargeable AA batteries and get plenty of use out of either type of batteries. Depending on how often (and how long) you use the scanner, alkaline AA batteries should be good enough and the batteries could last you months. But you can also choose to use rechargeable batteries if you're a more frequent user of your handheld radio scanner.

Features and Specs

> The Uniden BCD436HP features a (FLQK) favorites list, temporary avoid, and also (SQK) System        and (DQK) Department/Site Quick Keys.

> Enhanced dynamic memory with narrowband reception and location-based scanning.

> Preemptive trunking priority and multi-site system support.

> Specific Area Message Encoding weather alerts with with USA/Canada radio database and fire tone-      out alert.

> Close Call RF capture with 4GB of memory.

You can also learn more about the Uniden BCD436HP, its pros and cons by viewing verified customer reviews on Amazon. The reviews, as a whole, are overwhelming positive. The customer reviews number at over 2,800 at the time of this writing.

To read the reviews with even more details, Click Here.

One of the 'cons' documented by a customer is that the display may scratch easily, but you can use spare smartphone screen protectors, cut to size, to protect the screen.

To end, the Uniden BCD436HP is an excellent replacement for any older model handheld radio scanners. In fact, you may even find it easier to use than your current handheld scanner.

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