Retro 1920s Halloween Party Ideas - Dennison's Bogie Book

September 3, 2016

Retro 1920s Halloween Party Ideas - Dennison's Bogie Book

Hallowe'en, the night of October thirty-first, is the one time of all the year when an opportunity is supposed to be given for looking into the future and having one's fate settled for the coming twelve months.

Why not invite your friends to a Hallowe'en party and join in the fun of trying some of the time-  honored ways of finding out what the future holds in store? 

The traditions of this eerie night never change, but there are new ways of adapting them for parties, new  ways of decorating, new forms of playing  the old games and  tricks that will help make the Hallowe'en party really successful. (excerpt from the book)

If you're looking for a unique approach and unique, retro-inspired ideas for Halloween decorations, and especially a Halloween party, then this book will definitely give you plenty of ideas. In fact, it'll give you ideas to celebrate the whole autumn season. As the book puts it in its own introduction, "A Book of Suggestions for Decorating and Entertaining at Hallowe'en, Harvest Time and Thanksgiving." 

Decorations similar to those featured in the book

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