Take Action: Protect The ‘Bears Ears’ of Southern Utah

Large stretches of U.S. territory that still experience natural nighttime darkness are now few in number, and they shrink every year due to encroaching development. You can help save the dark night skies over one of these remaining, vast ‘pools of darkness,’ but time is running out!

Sacred to many Native American tribes, 1.9 million acres of southern Utah wilderness known as ‘Bears Ears’ contain spectacular vistas and record 10,000 years of human prehistory. Although these lands are publicly owned, their current management mandate enables various activities on the lands that, if left unchecked, will degrade the quality of its pristine nighttime environment.

Read the rest at International Dark-Sky Association's Site

Utah Highway 261 toward the Bears Ears
Utah Highway 261 toward the Bears Ears Source: By U.S. Geological Surey (http://3dparks.wr.usgs.gov/nabr/html/nb077.htm) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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