Creative Crafts, Foods, and Decoration Ideas for Autumn and Halloween

September 16, 2016

Creative Crafts, Foods, and Decoration Ideas for Autumn and Halloween

Decorations for Autumn and Halloween

Better Homes and Gardens slideshow has 30 Fall and Halloween decorations, centered around pumpkins and gourds, with complete instructions. My favorites are the Pumpkin Garland, the Wheelbarrow Pumpkin Welcoming Display, Pumpkins on Candlesticks, Flowered Pumpkins, Pumpkin Luminaries, Mini-Pumpkin Wreath, Carved Gourd, and especially the Golden Gourds.

Instructables endless collection of Halloween and autumn crafts, decorations, foods, and otherwise. Made by the extremely talented individuals who are members of their website. Click any of the links to check out the wide collection of creations there.

Halloween Decorations

35 ideas for Halloween silhouettes for your windows. Each and every one of these are my favorites but i don't have enough room (nor windows) for them all. The ones i like the most are the tree with the string lights, pumpkins, moon, and bats, the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie character one, the one with giant spiders, fake spider webs, and the skeleton walking skeleton dogs, the large skull in the middle of the tall triple windows, the witch in the window with her cauldron and the green backlit windows with cutouts and glowing green eggs.

Here's a collection of 20 Halloween decorations on the DIY sections of about. The floating candles decor is a very good idea, and some of my other favorites are the weathered tombstones, black dripping wax battery-powered tealight candles and the illuminated ghost garland. Each entry there links to full tutorials.

Lastly, here is a blog full of all sorts of Halloween ideas and inspiration. While not as active as it once was, you'll still find plenty here, going back to 2008. You'll find photos of the Halloween decorations that the author has placed in and around their home. All of which are creative and lit perfectly for the eerie "Halloween" look and feel. They also link to blogs containing even more Halloween-related crafts and decorations.