Ellen DeGeneres Called a Racist Over an Inoffensive Tweet

August 16, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres Called a Racist Over an Inoffensive Tweet

Ellen DeGeneres, being a light-hearted personality, regularly posts content on social media that's comedic in nature. Comedic content that most people get a laugh out of. But that's not the reason that some pay attention to her Twitter feed. Some are there just wanting to pounce on anything to further their goals of (racial) politics and division.

In the past, they've also accused Ellen of being racist over a Gap Kids ad. In it, a white girl is resting her arm on a shorter black girl. Stunted minds went on the attack over the ad. It turned out that the two girls were sisters. Then there was the Nicki Minaj parody that was called, "tasteless". The whole manufactured outrage was over the comedic skit showing an actress playing Nicki Minaj, as a child, and her 'parents' having large butts.

Anyways, here's the tweet that the perpetually offended are calling racist:

In the real world, little attention is paid to these things... 

People don't find anything racist about these things and i bet Usain Bolt would see no problem with it either. Most people laugh at these things. Yet, the pathetic nobodies whose voices are amplified on social media, to feed their ego and false feeling of fame, use anything and everything to make their miserable character known. Social media has them thinking that their manufactured/fake outrage affects things.

At best, they're good for a laugh with a bit of ridicule. Maybe even a mute. But it's not even worth engaging with them.