Ice Road Truckers Returns in August for Season 10

July 30, 2016

Ice Road Truckers Returns in August for Season 10

Ice Road Truckers, one of the History Channel's most watched shows, will be returning for season 10 on August 4th, 2016. It seems like the show only started a few years ago and yet it's been a decade that the show has been on air. How time flies.

Anyways, the first episode is set to air at 10PM EST (on August 4th) and the title of the episode is "Against All Odds". Nothing's been released about who's returning to the show but activity on social media, on their Facebook accounts, hints that Darrell Ward, Lisa Kelly, and Todd Dewey are returning for this season. Though, as with other years, they won't be the only ones to return and we may even see a surprise or two. Who knows?

They've confronted the deadly crossings that have tested their ability to survive. #IRT
Posted by Ice Road Truckers on HISTORY on Friday, July 29, 2016

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