4 Excellent Iced Tea Makers

July 16, 2016

4 Excellent Iced Tea Makers

There's hardly anything better than a fresh glass of chilled iced tea on a warm summer day to fight the summer heat. These four iced tea makers and iced tea brewers are convenient for those summer days when you want to relax and enjoy the season. They're also great for quick preparation and dispensing of iced tea during summer outings, family gatherings, and any summer activity that you have planned. As someone who enjoys tea, making perfectly brewed tea is much more convenient with a tea maker. Below are some of the best iced tea makers currently available.

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Known for coffee makers, Mr. Coffee also produces a great line of iced tea makers. This 2-quart model is capable of brewing both tea bags and loose tea. The brew filter basket is removable and easy to clean. With it, you'll be able to brew your favorite iced tea within a few minutes. Features an on/off light and fast brew cycle.

This iced tea maker, like the previous Mr. Coffee, also has the ability to brew from loose tea and tea bags. Its fast brewing will make a bit more tea, at 2.5 quarts, and you'll also have the ability to choose how strong you want the tea to be. As soon as it's done, the tea maker will shut off by itself. Also features a water filter for giving your tea its best flavor.

Another great iced tea brewer from Mr. Coffee. This one allows you to brew 3 quarts of fresh iced tea within minutes. Like the previous, it also features a brew strength selector. Features a power, on/off light and automatically shuts off when your tea is done brewing. Available in three colors: Blue, Teal Splash, and Watermelon.

West Bend's iced tea maker provides you with automatically timed brewing and brew strength settings. You'll be able to brew around 2.75 quarts of tea per brew. Also features a removable dispenser for sweetener, but it's best to add your choice sweetener directly to your brewed tea. This tea brewer also has a power light and automatic shut off when it's done brewing.