Quick Facts about Micah Xavier Johnson and the Dallas Shooting (Photos, Video)

Self-described activist Micah Xavier Johnson was a 25-year old former Army reservist motivated by the recent incidents of fatal shootings of African-Americans by police officers. The self-radicalized individual was likely heavily influenced by the foolish "calls for action" on social media by BLM activists and instigators alike.

His attack was racially motivated, as it is believed he was singling out white officers. Which is another division that has been being pushed, White vs. Black, by some activists affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

Other facts about the incident in Dallas:

- Three other suspects are in custody, one woman and two men.
- Micah Xavier Johnson was killed by police with a robot equipped with an explosive device
- Xavier was wearing body armor, was armed with a rifle and handgun
- Two civilians were also injured in the shootings.
- One of the injured individuals is Shetamia Taylor, shot as she shielded her children
- Five officers were killed, 7 were injured
- Black nationalists have praised this incident
- One such opportunist, racial supremacist group praising the acts was the Black Power Political Organization. Their Facebook page has since been removed


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