Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent - Quick Read and Overview

June 8, 2016

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent - Quick Read and Overview

pacific breeze easyup beach tentThe Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent is a lightweight, easy to take along tent is perfect for your day trips or even overnight camping outings. You'll be able to quickly set it up and it'll even withstand semi-heavy winds without being blown away. With a little extra support you can get some clothesline rope and tent stakes and attach them to the tent to provide more protection against higher winds, when needed.

For beach usage, this tent provides two screened windows allowing summer breezes to easily flow through the tent. The size of the front of the tent allows you to easily get inside without tripping up on the tent's floor. The floor of the tent is very durable and can withstand all use that it'll definitely get a the beach. Especially for those with a family, the durability of this beach tent is a big plus. Besides that, and it's main purpose, it'll provide protection from the sun's ultraviolet light, offering ultraviolet protection above 50. UPF50+ is a common amount of protection offered by beach tents.
So, if you're someone that has a small family or are just someone that likes to have a day at the beach by themselves, or another person, then you'll find this tent to be perfect for your needs. It's much better than an umbrella or bringing out a bulkier regular tent for your visit to the beach. If you've got a large family though, you may want to take a look at a canopy like the AGPtek Outdoor Sunshade or the Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent Deluxe XL.

Another thing, it's not really suited for the cooler months. Though, depending on your tolerance of cooler weather, it may be perfect for early autumn outings under  the stars and at the campfire. Of course, if you live in a warmer region then it'll also be great for use in the autumn. Beyond autumn though, it's not recommended to use this during the snowy months, as it has no protection against the cold and will not be able to keep the snow out of the tent.

Quick overview and details:

Easy to put up and take down
Durable fiberglass poles
2 windows with flap covers
UPF50+ protection
Lightweight, weighing around 3 pounds
Includes a carrying case and stakes
High quality material and durable floor

In my opinion, this beach tent is far superior to the ordinary beach umbrella and also provides much better shade and sun protection in comparison. It also provides great protection from stray rainstorms that occur during summer outings. With light modification you can also strengthen its stability during heavier windows or even attach a homemade door flap for it.

For more information, including customers reviews, visit the Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent page.