Of Treasures and Memories of the Past - Darien Lake

May 20, 2016

Of Treasures and Memories of the Past - Darien Lake

To be honest, i don't think about the past as much as i used too. Even though many of my memories are just as clear as they happened. Right down to the names of people i haven't seen for nearly twenty years. On Facebook they're adults, but my memories of them are still as teenagers. I'm sure their memories of me are just the same, of me as a teenager.

Anyways, i saw this writing prompt asking about valued objects of my past. I suppose i could say that one "treasure" i had was a black Schoenhut toy piano. Actually, it wasn't mine but belonged to my cousins and just sat in their back room. I remember a few times in my children when i'd play with it during visits to their house. I can't think of any item that i was specifically attached to though. I'm drawing a blank here trying to think of something.

What i have a "treasured" collection of though are good memories of events that happened during my younger years. Memories from big events to even the most mundane events. Right down to where i was, every detail of a room or a place, the location of the sun at the time, the weather, the clouds, and even the wind. Plenty of these memories always seem to be out in nature or the outdoors.

Grizzely run 1
By Joeman Empire (Own work) [CC0],
via Wikimedia Commons
One such memory was in 1994 at Darien Lake. We were standing out near the southeastern area of the park and could hear Santana playing at the Performing Arts Center in the distance. According to Santana's own website, this would've been on 7/20/1994. While my siblings stayed with my mother, my cousin and i were all over the park throughout the day. At that moment though, we just stood in the parking lot or wherever watching the far off thunderstorm, whose thunder we couldn't hear, standing in the breeze and hearing the echoes of Santana's music. Being cloudy, the pavement began to cool and had that distinct smell to it. Everything felt like slow motion and almost surreal. Thinking back, it feels like a whole different era, a different epoch, a different life. What escapes me is what we were talking about, but it was probably something about video games or music. At the time, she was an influential person in my life and had introduced me to music i'd never listen to prior, including the music of Nirvana. I also remember the hours we'd spend playing Sword of Vermilion on the Genesis. That day, we must've went on Grizzly Run a million times. I remember the day at Darien Lake ending with us watching the laser light show. After that, time marched on and that day turned into a treasured memory. Just one of the endless numbers of memories that i have in my mind. The things i treasured during my youth were always like this, not treasuring the physical things as much as i treasure the good memories. Though, i suppose that's the natural mind state of most people. Treasuring memories over belongings.