If I Could Meet Any 3 People from the Past or Present

Inspired by the idea posted at You can have dinner with 3 famous people (living or dead). Who are your choices and why?

My first choice of a person to meet, above everyone else, would be the historical figure Mary Jemison. What i'd do to have be able to time travel and be present at during the events of the Treaty of Big Tree. Reading recounts of the historic events, it's like i feel a connection to it and a lot of occurrences in Mary Jemison's life. I'm still reading through James Seaver's 1824 book "Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison". A book in which he wrote with Mary Jemison's help, visiting and interviewing her on multiple occasions. The closest I've actually been to Mary Jemison though was seeing her cabin and statue at Letchworth a couple of times, when i was teenager.


The second person i'd want to meet would be Hallee Hirsh-Martin. She was an actress who, in her own words from her Instagram bio, "Traded Los Angeles for Appalachia to raise a family and grow some soil". The first time i saw her acting was on Flight 29 Down and Wild Hearts.

Truthfully, I can't think of any current individual, outside of people that i know irl, that i have more respect for. For her to step out of that line of work and settle down into an enriching life is a respectable thing to do. She's definitely an interesting person and i enjoy reading her posts on Instagram about gathering wild foods, small farming, and all that. She and her family even live in a yurt on a mountain in North Carolina and are clearly 'bout that life'.

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The third person i'd want to meet would have to be Cara Delevingne. After seeing her on the Good Morning Sacramento interview, in which that smug anchor that didn't understand Cara's realness and sense of humor, my respect for her grew immensely. Beyond that, she just seems so down to earth despite her achievements. She was also great in Paper Towns, regardless of it not being everyone's type of movie. The unpolished aspects of her, while in front of the media, is what's refreshing about her. All around, i just think that she'd be a fun person to know and an individual that won't allow themselves to be domesticated by society. Right up there with Juliette Lewis. Plus reading about certain things about her life in one interview of hers here, i can definitely identify with a few things in it.

I could definitely choose more than three people, each with a specific reasons, but i'm going to follow my rules and stop here.

Anyways, who are some famous figures, past or present, that you'd want to meet if you could?

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