Kid Friendly Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Sights and Sees

Are you looking to take a family trip to Gettysburg to teach them about the most trying war in the history of this country? To teach them about some of the battles that occurred during the war and about the role politicians of the day played during and after the Civil War? Then you'll probably need to do some pre-planning and choose activities that'll keep the attention of your children. Here are a few ideas to keep them interested no matter their age.

1st Massachusetts Monument at Sunset
By Steven C. Berger (Own work)
[CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
For the Kids

Arrive around evening time on a Friday (in summer) and visit one of the many outdoor eating establishments. Then go out and reserve a place on a ghost tour for the next evening. Head out to the campgrounds for the night and spend the rest of the evening around a campfire eating roasted marshmallows or s'mores. Or even roasted hot dogs, if that's your thing.

In the morning, get a quick breakfast at one of Gettysburg's many restaurants and then go out and visit some of the attractions offering history about Gettysburg and its past residents. A great place to start is at the Shriver House Museum. There you'll learn about the Shriver family and their experiences during the battle at Gettysburg. Afterwards, visit the Explore & More Children's Museum where your kids can discover, learn, create and explore. Then you can find a place to eat, or get some ice cream, before going on a bus tour around the battlefield. After the tour, perhaps you'd like to take a swim at the pool and head off to dinner? Then head off to the ghost tour. No worries about your kids being afraid though since the tour is centered around the history of Gettysburg.

The next day, after breakfast, go and visit the countryside. Land of Little Horses is a great place to visit. While there, you'll be able to pick your own fruit on their fruit farm. The Gettysburg region and Adams County countryside, and farmland, offers amazing sites and attractions.

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