First Annual Meeting of the Genesee County Anti-Slavery Society, 1836

March 31, 2016

First Annual Meeting of the Genesee County Anti-Slavery Society, 1836

Held Wednesday, March 16, 1836 in Batavia, New York at 1pm

President of the Society - Samuel F. Phoenix of Perry, NY

Reverend Joseph Elliot of Wyoming, NY opened the meeting with prayer.

Reverend Joseph Elliot and S. M. Sloan, Esq. of Darien, NY were appointed Secretaries, pro tempore.

Agent of the American Anti-Slavery Society - Mr. Huntington Lyman.

Howard Bosworth of Buffalo, Reverend Messieurs Sly of Riga, NY and Salmon of Angelica, NY took seats within the Society. As they were supporters of the cause of immediate emancipation.

Committees appointed by the chair:

On Declaration of Sentiment and an Address: 
Messieurs Young of Warsaw, Clark of Bethany, Tufts of Perry.
Also, Reverend Messieurs Scovel of Covington and Wilcox of Castile.

On Resolutions:
Messieurs M'Kay of Warsaw, Andrews of Perry, H. Lyman, Reverend J. Elliot of La Grange, and D. Bailey of Darien.

On Nominations of Officers:
Messieurs Bronson of Warsaw, H. Phoenix of Perry, Freeman of Pembroke, Gibson of Bergen, and Wolcott of Java.

A committee of fifty persons entered the meeting, invited as representation on behalf of the citizens of Batavia. Along with them, around 80 to 100 men and boys entered the meeting. The chairman of this Committee, Daniel H. Chandler, Esq. read the following preamble and resolutions adopted at the meeting:

"At a meeting of the citizens of the village of Batavia and its vicinity, held at the Court House, on the 12th of March inst., which meeting was called for the purpose of considering the propriety of a meeting proposed to be held by the Abolition Society of the county of Genesee, at the Court House in this village, on the I6th inst., in pursuance of a notice published in the newspapers: Hinman Holden as called to the chair, and H. D. Chandler appointed secretary."

Read the rest of the document, Proceedings of the first annual meeting of the Genesee Co. Anti-slavery Society